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In “Sophocles’ Praise of Man and the Conflicts of the Antigone,” Charles Paul Segal takes the stand that there are two protagonists in the drama (which conflicts with this reader’s interpretation): This is not to say that there are not conceptual issues involved in the characters of Creon and Antigone.

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Antigone: His tragedy concerning the conflict between public and private morality.

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In the play Creon has made it against the law to bury Antigone’s brother, something that goes against the laws of the gods, this is the cause of most conflict in the story.

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The basic plot of the tragedy is the conflict between Antigone’s family principles and religious tradition and Creon’s embodiment of state and its authority (Scodel).

In the plays Antigone and A Doll’s House there are obvious examples of the conflicts between men and women.
The moral focused on in Antigone is the conflict between physis (nature) and nomos (law), with physis ultimately presiding over nomos.

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The main conflict in “Antigone” is between the individual and ..

Antigone examines characters whose values are in conflict with each other

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