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The Contract law is a field of Common law, which regulates market relations. The main instrument of the Contract law is a contract. The contract is an exchange of promises between two or more persons (individuals, or organizations) establishing, changing or stopping rights and duties of parties. It creates an obligation among the parties involved. Contract can be in written form signed by people who conclude an agreement, or entirely verbal. The first variant is more wide-spread because of its legal force.

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In Contact law there are four key elements: 1) arrangement; 2) consideration; 3) contractual capacity; 4) legality. In my essay I want to examine these elements in greater detail.
Arrangement consists of the offer and acceptance. It is probably the most important part of entering into a contract. An offer is proposition to cooperate with the other party on mutually beneficial terms.

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The following section of this essays shows that the courts'interpretation of at-will employment contracts is consistentwith conventional contract law, which is yet another reason tochange the way courts treat at-will employment.

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