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This chapter presents several energy and chemistry concepts essential to this essay. Even though scientists do not really know what energy (they do not know what light or gravity , either), energy is perhaps best seen as motion, whether it is a photon flying through space, the "orbit" of an electron around an atom's nucleus or of Earth around the Sun, an object falling to Earth, a river flowing toward the ocean, air moving through Earth's atmosphere, rising and falling tides, and blood moving through a heart.

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One major problem with making a positive impact on a global level, ultra-elite machinations aside, is that almost nobody focuses on what is important, which I hope to help remedy with this essay. Almost everybody hacks at branches if they hack at all. Conspiracists tend to obsess on elite machinations, which is an exercise of dubious benefit to begin with, but they often become paranoid and also confuse retail elites or other interests with the GCs. Bill Gates and David Rockefeller are probably not members of the GCs’ organization. Also, I learned that ultra-elites can only play their games with the responsibility that almost all people have abdicated as they play the victim. The GCs are only a symptom of our malaise, not a cause. They cannot be beaten at their game, and it is counterproductive and can even be suicidal to try. Making them obsolete is probably the best that we can do. While conspiracists often fixate on ultra-elite machinations, intellectuals, academics, and scientists tend to deny that such activities even exist or are meaningful. It took me many years to understand their resistance to even acknowledging ultra-elite existence, and I think it partly relates to the mainstream scientific worldview that . They have an ideological aversion to the notion that anybody manipulates events on a global scale, and believe that what seems conspiratorial is only anarchic elites competing with each other, which is like Darwin’s view of evolution. They believe that conspiracists see a pattern where none exists, or that the situation can be explained without invoking conscious intent, like materialistic hypotheses of how the universe operates. Radical leftists have to the of such elites; such an idea scares them. Neither obsession nor denial helps people attain productive understandings of the issue. Conspiracists and structuralists are united in thinking like victims, and that, as I see it, . Until they relinquish thinking like a victim, they will not constructively engage the critical issues that humanity faces, and energy ranks above all else. Victims are reactive instead of proactive, and only and resulting action has a prayer of working, in my opinion.


This essay has presented Earth’s many changing faces during its journey. Earth had molten beginnings, was , and may have . Later, and and . Earth experienced swings from to conditions as atmospheric gases dramatically changed, continents moved, and vast and of complex life played out on land and sea. But the changes happened over timescales of millions and billions of years, not hundreds. No climate scientist will deny that carbon dioxide traps infrared radiation and warms Earth’s atmosphere. The vented enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to create 200 million years of Greenhouse Earth conditions, when reptiles ruled Earth. Volcanism waned and around 150-to-100 mya. By 35 mya, and the Antarctic ice sheet began forming. Every paleoclimate study I have seen places greenhouse gas (and primarily carbon dioxide) concentrations as the primary determinant of global surface temperatures, after the Sun's radiation, but the Sun's output is considered to have been exceptionally stable and has risen slowly over the eons. , usually by accentuating the carbon dioxide with a positive feedback effect that may have reached runaway conditions at times.

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Teaching Goals. Introduce the concept of worldview, and how it can impact a person. Define 2 poor worldviews and one good worldview. How to overcome poor worldviews.

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So what is a worldview? It is one way of naming the “grid” for thinking and believing that God built into every human being. It is a set of basic beliefs–about God, the world, human beings, history, death, knowing, as well as much more mundane things–that make up what a person assumes to be true. Out of one’s worldview, a person evaluates, makes decisions, and makes meaning and sense of his or her life. James Sire, whose book The Universe Next Door (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1976) is one of the most helpful on the subject of worldviews, defines a worldview as a basic set of beliefs and “concepts that work together to provide a more or less coherent frame of reference for all thought and action.” (p. 16) Another definition of the concept of a worldview comes from James Olthuis, a professor at the Toronto Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Canada:

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From 1936 through 1938 Heidegger wrote , a fugue on six themes important to the thinking that would fill his remaining decades. The Contributions was followed over the next six years by notebooks in which Heidegger elaborated on its themes. In this period Heidegger developed the concerns that would fill his essays and lectures after the war. This series of books remained private, and were first published after Heidegger's death, as part of his complete works. The second book in the series was translated as , and this is the third to be translated, on the theme of .

Some Implications of the definition In first place, it is important to recognize that we are using the concept "worldview" technically.

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When Jesus told his followers to reflect on the “lilies of the field”–was he not calling them to ponder his metaphor in order to glean the truth he was giving them? If believers in Christ are called to think about themselves, the world, God, and what the true nature of God’s promises are in the Gospel, then understanding the concept of a worldview and how a worldview operates in our thinking and believing is an extremely useful bit of understanding. At certain points, knowledge of worldviews can help me not only understand the world and how others think about the world, it can help me understand and be more objective about my own ways of looking at things–to discern the “taken-for-granteds” in my own way of looking at myself and the world which often come from my culture, not the Bible.