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Nihonjin have historically been a warrior culture. It’s one of the aspects we ALL admire; i.e. Martial Arts. However, their most egregious offenses were post-industrialization. It was the en-vogue way to play the game: divide, conquer, rape and profit. Now, the game is disenfranchise (via bogus immigration policies and dubious corporate practices) and conquer. A shift from hard-power to soft-power. All industrial powers play this game. China and Korea are now in the ring. They can thank America and Nihon for their entry cards. Same end-game, different rules…

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Chris Burgess lectures in Japanese and Australian studies at Tsuda College, Tokyo. He would like to thank all the participants in the April 25 “Immigration Nation Japan?” symposium for their insightful contributions and stimulating discussions. Comments:

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Your argument doesn’t even make much sense. What does this have to do with immigration? Japan is in demographic and economic freefall, it is also no longer an exporting nation but an importing one. Its national debt stands at over 225% of GDP and rising it is not exactly a shinning example of greatness.

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