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I wouldn’t like a computer to grade my essay because i feel like it wouldn’t be fair and I like getting feedback from my teacher and a computer wouldn’t do that.

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Because he observed three students play with fonts on a computer fornine minutes without writing a word, and thus concluded computers wastestudents' instructional time, I guess Dean Delattre has never seen studentsstare at a blank sheet of paper for any length of time while fidgetingwith a pencil. Nor has he apparently seen students doodle on paper witha pen instead of writing an essay. Had he made such a observations, hissame logic would have dictated a call for the abolition of paper and penin schools as well.

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I would not be astonished because technology is taking over. I think a computer will not grade fairly because how can they grade an essay. I would most likely trust a teacher grade than a computer. I think the computer will not be able to give me effective feedback because everyone writes different. How can a computer know the essay has errors like need for information, ect. I do care weather my teacher read it. It will be cool to know my essay score instantaneously. But my concern will be did the computer submit the right score.

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The new technology is more and more important in the actual society and it’s very helpful. The software founded by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies is a proof of the scientific labor but not in the human relations. If you consider that a computer is able to judge a student work, so a human work, you consider that this work come down to a product, a software. It depends also the sort of work because if you have to give an answer like yes or no, the computer should graduate the essay. But I think it’s a very little part of the teacher work which, generally, is more focused on the critical works to develop the student mind. It’s obvious a computer is not be able to judge the qualities of the ideas, of the dissertation. What’s more, the intelligence artificial that I think is superficial like its name, is not be able to give a feedback in order to help the student. Can you imagine a relation y an interesting exchange computer/student? Can you imagine a binary society that should work with 0 and 1? We have to protect the human relations because the acknowledgment is not just in fact is also an experience.

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I will certainly be not comfortable with the fact that computer is going to check my exam because it is a technology and it could make a mistake. We can trust computer but not always. It might grade us fairly but there isn’t any guarantee, but teacher will be more focused on our overall mistakes and will tell us our weaknesses. Computer won’t give us an effective feedback on how to improve our essay. Off course, we care that teacher checks our essay rather than a computer. Getting a grade instantly would be ok because whatever you do in an exam, eventually you get to know it and people don’t have practice to wait until teacher gives their exams back, so I think this will be the only positive point that you will know your mistake and try to get over it.

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I do not want a computer to grade my papers, because I would trust a grade from my teacher more. We already have a system where it grades it automatically this system is flawed and is more like to make errors. Computers can be helpful to a certain extent. Computer lack an emotion to feel and that can make or break a paper at times, I want my teachers to read my paper. If not people will just write to the formula that they think that the computer wants. I think we need the wait and the anticipation to strive. Or else we will become even more of a society based on instant gratification.

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I would think that is not possible that a computer grading our essays because really sometime the computer isn’t intelligent like the people resume. That isn’t a human and it will not take a good deduction. I’d like that my teacher always reads my essays, but if an exam is multiple-choice or true-false, I trust that the computer really can do it.

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I do not think a computer that grades essays would be ideal. Although it is fast and easy, there are many things to question. First off, I do not think the computers would grade fairly. Teachers have a better understanding of what your writing means and a computer could not figure that out. A benefit would be the instant grade you recieve, but a disadvantage would be the worry that the score is not accurate. I personally do not think computers should grade essays. Even though it takes time by hand, teachers should remain to grade as they have always done.