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Other Trojan Horses are downloaded (perhaps in an attachment in e-mail) and installed by the user, who intends to acquire a benefit that is quite different from the undisclosed true purpose of the Trojan Horse.

Excerpts from his most recent book, are available online.) Mr.

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The criminals who change or delete data, or who deliberately gobble largeamounts of computer resources, have a more sinister motive and arecapable of doing immense damage.

Avoiding Harassment and Phishing

Of course, there is always the possibility that a computer voyeur will"accidentally" bumble around an unfamiliar system and cause appreciabledamage to someone else's files or programs.

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In this way, the computer criminal is acting analogous to a burglar.

A hacker designing a malicious program to use a victim's e-mail address bookor document files could simply assume that the victim used the defaultlocation for these files.

Or it can be used in long distance communication throughmodem.

Sometimes there’s a fair amount of data—or code—that’s needed to set up a particular computational essay. The cloud is very useful for handling this. Just deploy the data (or code) to the Wolfram Cloud, and set appropriate permissions so it can automatically be read whenever the code in your essay is executed.

Legislatures chose to enact totally new statutes.

OK, so if a computational essay is done, say, as homework, how can it be assessed? A first, straightforward question is: does the code run? And this can be determined pretty much automatically. Then after that, the assessment process is very much like it would be for an ordinary essay. Of course, it’s nice and easy to add cells into a notebook to give comments on what’s there. And those cells can contain runnable code—that for example can take results in the essay and process or check them.

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The technology of Wolfram Notebooks makes it straightforward to put in interactive elements, like , into computational essays. And sometimes this is very helpful, and perhaps even essential. But interactive elements shouldn’t be overused. Because whenever there’s an element that requires interaction, this reduces the ability to skim the essay.

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Of course, you don't need to limit yourself to official languages.

Similarly, many crimes involving computers are no different fromcrimes without computers: the computer is only a toolthat a criminal uses to commit a crime.

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Unauthorized changing of data is generally a fraudulent act.

If the user does not send/receive some data over the Internetduring some period of time (e.g., ten minutes), theISP will automatically disconnect from the telephone line andsever the user's connection to the Internet.

These suggestions are like installing high-security deadbolt lockson doors of an office or home.

A system can be outdated in a matter of two yearstime.

Would it be reasonable for someone to walk around in the parking lot, letting some air out of tires, so tires are seriously underinflated, with the justification that the ensuing accidents will call attention to the problem of underinflated tires?