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If we can stop all new people from entering corrupt path, corruption will die in few decades as current corrupt people will retire from work. So we need to make sure that none of the new employees will get any option of corruption. To save the people who take bribe because of the pressures from seniors, we can give an option to them. If the person can show at least three persons who are more corrupt with proper evidence, this person can be released without punishment. If any complaint comes on this person after this, he will be prosecuted without any options.

Corruption has to be slowed down slowly to stop it completely.

Other crimes have to be separated from the general corruption cases. Other crimes have to be handled on priority basis. There may be signals of terrorists, bomb installations, attempt to murder, etc. These cases have to be responded in real time. Complaints on other crimes also have to be monitored in real time and responded depending on the priority.

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The best solution for all types of corruption is Complaint Box. This is an independent department that supports all types of communication mediums to collect complaints. This department does not control any other department and is not controlled by any other department. The main tasks of "Complaint Box" department are:

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For few months, only the statistics will be announced without any action. When the number of complaints increases, the action can be started from all over the country. But taking action against all complaints at once is not possible. So for selecting the corrupt person, we can have an algorithm in the system which selects the person and gives the details. The algorithm selects a set of corrupt persons for action in each district as follows:

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As the reports show the city name and corrupt departments, corrupt people understand that they are getting exposed. Though corruption is everywhere, no corrupt person likes to get exposed himself/herself. Corruption slows down even before real action is taken when reports point out the corrupt people with number of complaints on them.

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When his hard-earned money is going out of his hand for unnecessary reasons, common man is helpless and has started complaining. But there is no one to listen to him. Corruption is happening at all levels of all offices. Some people started taking bribe because they need to pay bribe at all walks of their life. They started taking bribe at their work place to compensate what they pay at other places. Some officers take bribe because of pressure from both seniors and juniors. If they don't take bribes, they will be treated as untouchable.