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Its decieving and its like comparing apples to oranges.
College is heavily advocated by goverment because its a corperate intrest. The reason its so expensive is goverment involvingment in the free market. If the goverment gave everyone the money to buy oranges, markets could sell their oranges more expensively and people would buy it. Top it off with marketing and brainwashed politically correct liberal teachings of the benifits of Oranges (like colleges) and now you have more millions of people rushing out to buy Oranges. Turns out orange prices were inflated, and everyone believed goverment and corperate marketing and took out loans to buy oranges.

Apples and Oranges Compare and Contrast Essay

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Comparing Apples and Oranges essays

I think I'll talk about this one...
And this one...
And this one...
Now that I've selected the three similarities I want to talk about, I can brainstorm some notes to generate some ideas on what I should say in the paragraph.
an apple is round
an orange is round
both are shaped like a ball
both fit nicely in the palm of your hand
Grow On Trees
both fruits grow on trees
large numbers of apple trees can be found in Washington
large numbers of oranges trees can be found in Florida
both grow high above the ground
Have Seeds
apples have black seeds
oranges have white seeds
seeds from both fruits are bitter
Now that I've chosen whether to compare or contrast
, which topics to compare
(round, grow on trees, have seeds)
and how many similarities to discuss
, and generated a list of notes, here's how my outline might look on paper:
Topic: Apples and oranges are similar.
both are round, shaped like a ball, fit nicely in palm of hand
Grow on Trees
each fruit is picked from a tree, lots of orange trees in Florida, lots of apple trees in Washington, ladders are needed to pick both types of fruit
Have Seeds
apples have black seeds, oranges have white seeds, seeds from both fruits are bitter, seeds should not be eaten.
Supporting Idea 1: First key idea that supports the topic sentence.

Apples Versus Oranges - Comparative Essay - 803 Words

Do not use a personal pronoun (I, we, she, he, you, they, them, etc.) Should include a compare or contrast word.
People often talk about apples and oranges as though they have nothing in common which doesn't make sense because the two are actually quite similar.
Topic Sentence
Use advanced transitions to increase your chances of a better grade.

Apples Versus Oranges - Comparative Essay
I need a grabber for a compare and contrast essay comparing apples and oranges.

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"Comparing apples to oranges," Anesthesia and Analgesia.

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