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It is important to search information about the two cities so that you get strong points to put down. This can be done through reading books about the cities including the characteristics of the people that live there, the population, the economic activities carried out and the religion. After these you need to merge your information using good choice of words in order to make a great essay. For more information on how to write compare and contrast essays, try this company.

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Comparison and contrast essay between two cities

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As usual, you will state what is similar and different about these two art paintings to give your reader a good idea about them.When comparing and contrasting using a Venn Diagram, employ the following method.In the individual circles, write the differences between each item. Below is an example of a contrast essay outline which should look as follows:I.

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When writing a compare and contrast essay, you are not going to use a table showing contrast. Essays have to be written in continuous pros thus you need to write in paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph contains an idea of contrast between the two cities for example the population and expound on that in the whole paragraph. At the end of the paragraph the comparison should be well understood and explained.

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Essay compare and contrast two cities Hollye May 21, 2017. Military heroes essays save your essay. Before choosing between both between the only two cities.

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