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The following outlines some of the laws and policies imposed on First Nations' people in Canada that effectively undermined economic, political, cultural, and spiritual foundations in their families, communities, and nations (Llewellyn 2001, 3; Sinclair 1997, 6).

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It is also important to understand the difference between problem-oriented policing and broken windows policing. Under the former, specific solutions to the variety of problems confronting the police emerge from careful and detailed analysis of the contributory causes of each. By contrast, "broken windows" advocates the same general solution - policing incivilities and maintaining order whenever crime shows signs of becoming out of hand. This approach is based on two principles, the first of which is that small offenses add up to destroy community life. For example, littering one piece of paper is nothing terrible, but if everybody does it the neighborhood becomes a dump. The second principle of broken windows is that small offenses encourage larger ones. For example, abandoned and boarded up properties often become the scene for drug dealing and can spawn more serious crimes. This important insight has led some cities to pay much more attention to policing against small offenses.

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Deciding what data to collect can be tricky. Often, thetemptation is to count activities and events. Although this might help an SROsee where his or her time is being spent, it does not provide information aboutthe effectiveness of the program. Instead, the goals of the program shoulddrive the data collection. That is, you should first identify the outcomemeasure of interest (for example, whether the workload of patrol officers haschanged as a result of SRO presence) and then determine which data would helpto answer that question. Table 2 suggests data that could be collected forgiven safety goals. The list is generic; each suggestion is not necessarilyappropriate for every community. The local school-police collaborative shouldidentify the appropriate data for its own particular situation.

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Problem-oriented policing identifies partners whose help is needed in dealing with specific problem. In an ideal case, community policing does this as well. If the problem is assaults around bus stops, a necessary partner will be the local transit authority. If the problem is shoplifting, then the cooperation of local businesses is needed. Community members often identify problems. Specific members of the public (including offenders) can have important insights useful for problem analysis. Community members can help implement solutions (for example, in fitting deadbolts or not giving money to beggars). And the success of a problem-solving effort might be defined in terms of community reaction. But rarely can the community at large help with the specialized technical work involved in problem analysis, solution development, and evaluation. In addition to partnering around specific problems, community policing also seeks out partnerships among the community at large (and government organizations) in order to increase the level of trust and general cooperation with them. In this sense, it goes beyond the partnerships described under problem-oriented policing. Agencies that adopt the broader general philosophy of community policing should be careful not to let these partnerships with a different purpose (building trust and cooperation) dilute the more focused problem-solving partnerships and efforts that the community policing philosophy also encourages.

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Prompted by the unexplained deaths of two (aboriginal) men found frozen on the outskirts of Saskatoon, the three-year commission is to look at policing, corrections and other aspects of the justice system (Canadian Press, April 14th 2002). Evidently, despite the Aboriginal Justice Strategy's best efforts to treat surface wounds, police brutality against First Nations' and internal dysfunctions within Aboriginal communities still persist.

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