Essay/Term paper: Coming of age- small town influences

This piece will provide students with a basic understanding of the arc of a coming of age story: the protagonist experiences something that significantly changes the way he or she sees the world.

Essay/Term paper: Coming of age- small town influences ..

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Coming of age is a life-long journey, but there are major events or experiences you can go through that will play an important part in become an adult.

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When author Esmarelda Santiago explained the appeal of coming-of-age stories, she suggested that, “It really has to do with an experience that is universal: the experience of being faced with something new in which your identity is challenged.” Reading these stories and discussing them with their peers will help students see they are not alone in facing these challenges, and will also allow them to weigh the consequences of non reflective thinking against the challenges of thoughtful examination of self in relation to the world. I chose pieces of literature that examine how race, culture, language, gender and social class impact one’s identity.

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Coming of Age could mean something different to everyone depending on their life experience.

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There’s no telling how these trends will play out. But as the fog of digital life descends, making us increasingly stressed out and unempathetic, solipsistic yet globally connected, and seeking solutions in the crucible of our own angst, it’s worth reiterating what reading does for the searching self. A physical book, which liberates us from pop-up ads and the temptation to click into oblivion when the prose gets dull, represents everything that an identity requires to discover Heidegger’s nearness amid digital tyranny. It offers immersion into inner experience, engagement in impassioned discussion, humility within a larger community, and the affirmation of an ineluctable quest to experience the consciousness of fellow humans. In this way, books can save us.

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No one solution can restore equity to the human-digital relationship. Still, whatever means we pursue must be readily available (and cheap) and offer the convenience of information, entertainment, and social engagement while promoting identity-building experiences that anchor the self in society. Plato might not have approved, but the tool that’s best suited to achieve these goals today is an object so simple that I can almost feel the eye-rolls coming in response to such a nostalgic fix for a modern dilemma: the book. Saving the self in the age of the selfie may require nothing more or less complicated than recovering the lost art of serious reading.

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