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Yes, I’ve found many required classes to be boring and useless (Chemistry for a computer science major? Biology?) But you know, its not always about the relativity of the courses, but how you manage through them.

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Even with all that, I have busted my ass in school. I have made Dean’s List repeatedly and I am now sitting at a pretty nice 3.24 GPA, considering. I am not saying college is easy or that college is for everyone. I quickly noticed when I was dealing with personal/family issues that college was for me. Since I was home during those 2 semesters I took off, I hung out with people from my high school. The ones that never attended college because they were still living at home. It was a HUGE eye opener. Friend #1 works as a cashier at Publix. Friend #2 is a daycare sitter making nothing. Friend #3 is unemployed… They all had no clue with what to do with their lives. It was sad and when I returned to school pushed in harder, even with all the depression I was dealing with.

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I am currently a senior double majoring in marketing and finance at a well respected university. I had to take off two semesters due to unfortunate circumstances. I also changed my major from Pre-law. I also messed up my first semester in college by partying wayyyyy to hard(I ended my first semester with a .64 gpa: C,D,WF,F,and F). I was not prepared for college and being out on my own with no curfew was a true testimate, which I failed miserably. After all that aforementioned stuff, it has put me 2 years behind. I graduated HS in 2007 and started college S ’08.

This information was very helpful for my business management class. Thank you so much.

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I took 2 semesters off at university because I became a single father as a freshman. I was not ready for college either due to the poor preparation that my high school gave me. We had horrible math teachers and when college came I passed all classes except the math. I was forced to go to community college. I returned back to school recently to get my IT certificate, but I’m still struggling working minimum wage and trying to support my daughter and family.

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Numbers 2 and 3 ring especially true for me.

Now almost two years have passed, and I saved some money and want to try applying again. Problem is, my GPA is too low and I’m a disqualified student, I don’t think they will accept me back (they’re my only choice since I take the bus). If anyone has any experience or advice to get inside college again it would be greatly appreciated.

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Although, many of your points to apply as well 🙂

I came to college so excited about leaving the house, being independent, networking with peers and genuinely learning something. i have never been so devastated in my life than in the past two years of being a college student.

College may be bullshit but passing it gives your dedication some credibility.

Read “a good man is hard to find” it’s short and will explain a lot.

There are just too many days when I wake up, realizing that the next choice i make out of my own free will for the day will be climbing back in bed. It takes a lot out of you. The stress is enough to cause you to go borderline insane, and I am not exaggerating in any way. I came to college excited and ready to work hard. Now I am beyond jaded and exhausted. Doors have been closed in my face at every turn. It is defeating.