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I come from a family where my father is very dominant, and I ended up dropping out of college in my first year since I was very depressed and discouraged. I had worked hard for years in high school to get into a good art school, got in there much easier than most people did that year, and wasn’t allowed to go because my father didn’t think that it was important, and my mother couldn’t be bothered to stand up to him. That year I felt very alone, especially seeing my classmates at the same university I was attending, being enthusiastic and succeeding. So much crap happened in my life that year, I felt myself on a nervous breakdown several times. Now I’m 21 and starting over from scratch, while my classmates are all graduating this year. It’s a great feeling.

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College for the most part really is a joke. Wanna be a religion major? Fine. Take three semesters of basket weaving. Wanna be a computer engineer? Take 4 semesters of art history. I could go on. So much about college today is good, but an even larger portion is just plain stupid. The level of teaching and the professors who do it @ my university are next to worthless. Show up if they feel like it and assign mountains of busywork. High Schools nowadays do not prepare you for college and college is so much about stress as opposed to learning that it has very little similarity to the real world. I could never drop out, but I can understand why people decide to sometimes. Sometimes it just isnt worth the $45,000 a year fight.

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The main purpose of college is to graduate so you can get a job with a good starting salary, although many really are interested in furthering their education, that is the main purpose. Dropping out is one of the worst decisions one could make. I realize sometimes a person really has no other choice but it really isn’t that hard to stick it out and graduate, even if some of the classes are dumb, you just apply yourself, if that isn’t enough than it is obvious you just weren’t meant to go to college.

These barriers must be identified and examined and solutions offered if college completion rates are to be increased for this population....

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as christina applegate said, “this world is bullshit”. especially if u have social anxiety disorder and are largely apathetic about college and 750 word essays. english professors are dicks. best thing about college to me is being in a louisiana college town the campus is your only shot at being around people from other countries all the time. im thinking of dropping out because my heart isnt in this right now, i hardly go to class because of my social phobia which adds to the embarresment of not having assignments in the English dick’s class. im thinking of dropping out and this article’s posts have given me some slightly enlightening perspective.

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I just want to drop out and do what I want to do. I want to ,ove to a different country, maybe tteach English, but rrally, I want to help people. The only reason my major is International Econ is cause it’s the ony international major in my college.

High school dropout rates and college graduate rates are very different.

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It’s half and half with me. I actually go to school and work part time and I make more than enough to pay my bills and still go to school. It depends on how much you like to spend and how you handle your money if you can’t keep money and feel you have to drop out to get more. I do understand that sometimes its stressful, but you have to look at the plus side of the situation as to why you are in college. No, I don’t have any children and I’m not married, but all of my friends have children and they are still great parents who are in school and even have jobs. Its all about time management when you take on other things like school and work.

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I just graduated from college. Should have taken me 4 years but took six. I have narcolepsy which made it so much more difficult to focus and get good grades. My family also never had good credit and it was really hard to get loans even with coesigners. I am happy i made it through greatful as well. But I do know becuase of the two reasons mentioned above, I was really close in dropping out