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Reasons to Remain in College: A Comparison of High School and College Students
Mayo, Helms, and Codjoe in International Journal of Educational Management, 2004, Vol. 18, Issue 6
Article discusses the role of a student cafeteria in terms of food quality and inviting environment as a factor in the retention of students

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Cafeteria/food: Nutrition, and Cafeteria Hours of Operation in College

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On the other hand, cafeterias are often financially subsidized by colleges due to several factors: the main reason being the seasonal use of food services by students. Given the sparse budget situation faced by many colleges, it is natural to look at areas where budget savings can be realized. A budget task force at Yuba College recently asked the question regarding the costs and benefits for operating the campus cafeteria.

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A useful and inviting college cafeteria is a factor in the success of community college students. A major retention strategy is to create multiple areas for students to stay on campus and utilize the support services available. Cafeterias and food service programs are noted in several academic studies as one of the strongest retention strategies for students at community colleges. Or, as one senior faculty member recently commented, “once students leave campus to get food, they will often not return to study or take classes.” A summary of several relevant academic articles is included.

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Student use of the cafeteria occurs in a predictable cycle. Yuba College is part of a multi-college district where the main campus in Marysville generates approximately 5,300 FTES every year with an unduplicated headcount well over 9,000 students. In the cafeteria, there were between 327-449 daily transactions during the last academic year but this fell off to between 106-207 daily transactions during the summer semester. Most of the transactions were between $3.14 - $4.25 apiece. Heavy usage was found during the mid-semester months, with not enough sales during the later days of finals week to even pay the staff required to open the food service venue. A common thought from the budget task force was that there would be several outside vendors wanting to operate the cafeteria. On the contrary, because food sales drop to zero for several weeks at a time (after spring semester but before the start of summer school, as well as the month recess during the winter break), the last time vendors were invited to submit proposals to run the cafeteria, only one company even bothered to submit a bid. Due to the cyclical nature of student attendance that is tied to the semester schedule, there are distinct times during the year when usage is very high and there are other, prolonged times when students are not on campus.

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In today’s budget climate, there is a constant struggle to decrease spending, while at the same time a pressure is exerted to increase retention strategies. An interesting player entered both of these discussions at Yuba College: the venerable campus cafeteria. While preparing a detailed recommendation for cost saving options, the cafeteria was investigated because it represented a significant expenditure of college resources. During this research it was discovered that the cafeteria served many purposes beyond simply proving lunches for students and staff – it sits at the core of a college community while scarcely being noticed until budget shortfalls force everyone to examine the importance of food service on campus. The purpose of this article is to present information that was uncovered in determining the role of the cafeteria in campus life, and its impact on the entire college. This discussion is a topic of conversations among Chief Business Officers around the state, and this article presents several issues beyond the cost of operating a cafeteria.

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Student Success or Student Non-Dissatisfaction? Considering the Purpose-Guided Approach to the First Year of College
Jerry Pattengale, in Indiana Pathways to College Network – an association of college access program personnel and researchers who study college access and success.
This article presents the CPA Inventory which claims that both intrinsic categories and extrinsic factors are necessary for student success. It delineates that intrinsic factors should drive student success including the learning environment (including cafeteria and food services).