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As a proud Quetzal Mama, I was initially protective and wanted to defend my students against these incorrect assumptions. Instead, I decided to sit down and create a list of facts and myths. I believe in order to have an open and constructive dialogue about diversity in college admission, we need to separate the facts versus the myths.

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As a college admission coach for Latino students, I am constantly amazed by the many incorrect assumptions regarding diversity in the college admission process. For example, when I cite examples of my student success stories—including admission to selective universities or a national scholarship award, a typical response is, “They were chosen because they are Hispanic, right?” Or, “I assume they were admitted through Affirmative Action?” Or, more close to home—when my daughter was accepted to Harvard last year, many persons believed her admission decision was based on her race/ethnicity, and not because of her academic merit.

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However you and your children self-identify in terms of race or ethnicity, you may wonder how diversity might factor into college admission these days. Well, college counselor and the Quetzal Mama herself, Roxanne Ocampo, is here to debunk some myths while sharing the importance of diversity and cultural authenticity in the college admission process.

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That’s not to say that affirmative action is meaningless or irrelevant. Absent admissions preferences, the number of black and Hispanic students would decrease even further. It does mean, however, that educational disadvantages exist long before the college admissions process, and the college admissions process can’t come close to closing the gap. Here’s the Times:

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Bridging this gap is often one of the greatest challenges in the college admissions process.

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