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A CIA contractor, GE Aerospace, allegedly operated a PROMIS packaging facility in Herndon, Virginia, beginning in the early 1980s, to install unauthorized, copyright-infringing copies of INSLAW, Inc.'s PROMIS database software on computers into which the government had covertly inserted a replacement integrated circuit, before shipping the turnkey systems to buyers overseas.

Free Software, Free Society, the collected essays of Richard M

Collected essays of richard stallman

collected essays of richard stallman

Scholars who interviewed Miss Porter or wrote to her in connection with their research include Alfred Kinsey, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and Alfred Crosby. Crosby dedicated his book on the influenza outbreak of 1918, Epidemic and Peace, to Porter. Others requested information on Eleanor Wylie (Stanley Olson), Yaddo (Florence Aswell), Hound and Horn and Ezra Pound (Mitzi Berger Hamovitch), her World War II correspondence (John Jamieson), her correspondence with Robert McAlmon (Victoria McAlmon), her career in Mexico (Paul North, Thomas F. Walsh), her work on the Rocky Mountain News (James L. Roberts), Carson McCullers (Margaret Sullivan), biographical information (Donald Stalling), Hart Crane (Brom Weber, Silvio Bedini), her memories of Texas (Margarita Folks), and Willa Cather (Margaret Gilson).

The collected essays of richard m

But, since I'm *not* that paranoid, my more practical air-gap solution would involve a redundant m/board-CPU combination that has been sitting around, unpowered, for a few years. Build a fresh machine around that, using old but serviceable hard disks (a trio of 120GB units, for example) in RAID for reliability, perhaps even harden it against physical compromise by encrypting everything except /boot. Disable the Ethernet ports in the BIOS and password-protect that too. Install Debian Linux straight from the DVDs, no Internet connection required - and verify the DVDs using the public-key signatures before I start. That gives me a thoroughly modern AMD64 machine with all the software I could want, and I think a USB drive is good enough to get the data off it for wider distribution - or else I could go old-school again and use floppies or Zip disks.

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I am now even more convinced than before that we should start using one-time pads when it is feasible. And more important messages should be encrypted with the OTP encryption done outside PC -- manually or using some simple microcontroller based solution. You shouldn't use the PC keyboard for input or use PC to display those messages, because it is far too easy to install remotely a backdoor to PC which is connected to Internet.

This essay is published in Free Software, Free Society: The Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman.

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Stallman is a thorough primer on the free software movement

3. Explain the term “free software” or “copyleft” (as used by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation). Give one advantage of it. Give one disadvantage of replacing copyright with copyleft.

28/07/2017 · On Jan 1, 2002 R M Stallman published: Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman

The essays about software patents are now in one section and ..

The shift in emphasis from Free software to Open source, with strong emphasis on Open Source as a development model, the quality of the resulting software, and the practical benefits of access to source code for debugging and security audits, has gained mainstream acceptance for Open Source software, but (as Richard M. Stallman predicted), has a few problems of its own.