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The College Composition contains multiple-choice items and two mandatory, centrally scored essays. College English faculty from throughout the country convene twice a month to score the essays via an online scoring system. Each of the two essays is scored independently by two different readers, and the scores are then combined. This combined score is weighted approximately equally with the score from the multiple-choice section. These scores are then combined to yield the candidate's score. The resulting combined score is reported as a single scaled score between 20 and 80. Separate scores are not reported for the multiple-choice and essay sections. College Composition contains approximately 50 multiple-choice items to be answered in 50 minutes and two essays to be written in 70 minutes, for a total of 120 minutes testing time.

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You will receive an immediate score report for CLEP exams, except for exams with essays. Delgado Community College requires an essay for the English Composition exam and all Literature exams. You will receive your score for the multiple-choice section of the exam, but you will not receive scores for your essay until it has been scored by Delgado faculty.

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