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Cleopatra, though said to still be in love Julius Caesar, married her younger brother, Ptolemy XIV, to return her rule over Egypt. However, she was also married to Julius Caesar because Egypt allows polygamy. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar spent time in Alexandria. The Roman leader, however, is called for to lead his army to battles. He emerged victorious but returned to Rome instead.

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The title has earned him the people’s support but he also received the Senate’s unworthy action. Since Julius Caesar has made any changes without consulting the Senate, he became an unpopular person for them. Before he is to leave for yet another conquest, he met with the Senate. There he met his end as he is stabbed to his death by all sixty Senate people, lead by Brutus and Cassius.

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Cleopatra and son, Caesarion left Rome, where a civil war broke. They returned to Egypt, there, Cleopatra allegedly poisoned her brother / husband / co-regent. Cleopatra then announced her son with Julius Caesar as a co-ruler and re-acquired rule of Egypt. This is when her rule was entirely secured locally, unlike the two previous co-regents.

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The second Triumvirate is down to two, and then as Octavian wished to be the sole ruler of the Roman land, he declared war to the queen of Egypt. The battle between the two leading armies of Rome came to an end with Mark Antony on the losing end. He then fled to Alexandria with Cleopatra. As the forces closed in, he committed suicide. Cleopatra also committed suicide.

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The initial meeting between Cleopatra and Mark Antony bore them with twins, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene while the second meeting brought them their third child, Ptolemy Philadelphos (Stritof, n.d.). These children are well provided for by their father, Mark Antony. They are given part of the land of Rome, including Cyprus, Crete and Syria, through their mother (Lewis, 2006). This distribution, lead to an even wider gap between Octavian and Mark Antony.

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Julius Caesar, on the other hand, is a son to the humble family of Aurelia and to Gaius Julius Caesar in Rome. Their family is not wealthy nor is it prominent when he was born in 100 or 102 BCE. By the age 18, he already had two wives, both from prominent families, Cossutia and Cornelia, respectively. He also joined the military which then earned him with the oak leaves or the civic crown. He had an impressive career and later, he returned home to be an orator. After two other wives, Pompeia, whom he divorce because of scandal with other men; and Calpurnia, he achieved consulship (McManus, 2001). He had an illustrious career.

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In fact, Waddington had a wide variety of interests throughout his life, including art – so much so that he published a book on the subject in 1969, Behind Appearance – as well as architecture (he married the architect Justin Blanco White). As well as appreciating art for its own sake, Waddington liked to see the scientific in art and the art in the scientific. In a lecture called ‘Form and Pattern In the Biological World’ (which Waddington delivered to the Architectural Association on 29 May 1958), Waddington commented:

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Cleopatra the Philopater, Cleopatra VII or simply Cleopatra has made a legacy for herself. She, whom has captured the hearts of two great men, has left the name to equal beauty, seduction, love and femininity all in one. There are legacies that no other woman in the world has achieved. Cleopatra left legacies that have made the past great, the present wondering and the future still searching.