.Letter (ca.1862). 1 item.Collection Call Number: 17443.

The Library's Special Collections includes 52,805 rare book titles, dating as far back as the 15th century and collected over the past 175 years; Fine Art including paintings and sculptures located largely in buildings in the Capitol Square area, such as the Library, State Capitol, Executive Mansion and Supreme Court; and more than 310,000 prints, photographs, postcards, posters, and ephemera in the Prints and Photographs Collection.

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.Letter (August 5, 1861). 1 item.Collection Call Number: 17415.

(1838-1900). Sergeant, 5th New York Infantry, Co. B;
2nd Lieutenant, 40th New York Infantry, Co. H.
Letters (1863-1864). 16 items.
Collection Call Number: 15644.

.Diary (1864). 1 item (42 p.).Collection Call Number: 22851.

3rd Massachusetts Infantry, Co. A;
18th Massachusetts Infantry, Co. H.
Letter (February 19, 1862). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 17431.

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The key technology that dominated both troop movement and troop supply was transportation, specifically, the railroads. The vastly superior railroad system of the North, in terms of trackage, enabled it to move troops where and when needed and greatly enhanced its operational flexibility. Moreover, the North possessed vastly greater numbers of locomotives and, unlike the South, had the capacity to build, repair, and maintain as many locomotives (and other rolling stock) as it needed. The North’s enormous advantage in railroad carrying capacity meant far more than just being able to rapidly transfer forces. It influenced virtually every aspect of the war. For example, while both North and South could produce in sufficient quantities, the soldiers of the South were reduced to scavenging battlefields for lead. They did this because the transportation system of the South could not guarantee delivery of the supplies on hand.

Receipt book (1863-1868). 1 volume.Collection Call Number: BD21056.

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Letter (May 12, 1861). 1 item.Collection Call Number: 11352.

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.Letter (July 10, 1862). 1 item.Collection Call Number: 17922.

“ is a groundbreaking history that challenges the belief that the crisis of black marital and familial relations can be traced directly to slavery. With a vast arsenal of archival evidence, Hunter illuminates the complex and flexible character of black intimacy and kinship and the precariousness of marriage in the context of racial and economic inequality. It is a brilliant book and one destined to invite vigorous debate.”—Saidiya Hartman, author of

. 44th New York Infantry, Co. H.Letters (1861). 2 items.Collection Call Number: 20568.

Frederick Douglass, with an introduction by Robert B. Stepto

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