Augustine makes quite a claim here.

But the City of God uses completely different way, by using its now-famous opening ¡®fleeing chicken¡¯, then Rokert has caught between two forces: a new gang lord Mane Galinha and his opponent, named Little Joe.

What is this justice that Augustine speaks of.

Fernando Meirelles directed the Movie City of God, a Brazilian crime drama film.

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In his book, The City of God, Augustine skillfully drew upon two loves: on one hand, a love which is holy: agape, unselfish love, and on the other hand a love which is unholy: distorted love of self; selfishness....

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The second part is my discussion parts; I will refer some typical Hollywood big name films such as Gangs in New York, Shawshank¡¯s Redemption, and Good Fellas to discuss the main differences between City of God and other national films....

Also we can find a lot differences from Political issues, Ideolodgy and social issues between City of God and Hollywood films.

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City of God strikingly portrays the evolution of the city’s crime from robbing gas trucks, to a city owned by one boss, Lil Ze; leading to an all out war zone between rival dealers....

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As Morgan Freeman been a narrator Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding in the film Shawshank¡¯s Redemption, The same roll in City of God is boy, Rocket (Buscap¨¦ in Portuguese, played by Alexandre Rodrigues), who is born in Cidade de Deus and grows up in Cidade.

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City of God 2002, directed by Fernando Meirelles depicts the Rocket’s past, how he became a photographer, and how he got out of the slums in a chilling sequence of flashbacks to the people he knew and the life he ends up leading, the whole film could play out as a drama....

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Older boys, the Principle, each and every teacher, doctor, mentor, friend and acquaintance he ever had; the buttons of his overcoat, the carnation, every church, pastor, priest, book and neighbor he ever came across; his father, other peoples’ fathers, the train schedule, the chill of November, and the sidewalk outside Carnegie Hall.

The City of God is the area out of the law and political, the biggest drugs business leader is the law of this depraved area.

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Directors Fernando Meirelles and K¨¢tia Lund somehow managed to convey in their movie the full strenght of the novel (written by Paulo Lins) on which "City of God" is based.

Augustine approaches the challenge of defining justice in a different, but not necessarily contradictory way, than his predecessors....

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So in the City of God, The other main characters in City of God are the gangs, like Li'l Z¨¦ (by Leandro Frimino) who was one of the boys that used to play soccer with Rocket, grow up to become a murderer and a drug lord, someone that makes his own laws.

So we can say, from 60s to 80s, the gangs and Rocket¡¯s growing are representing the City of God¡¯s growing history.

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So we can see, his voice that accompanies us throughout many of the stories that "City of God" has to offer by Rocket¡¯s photography dream became true.