Chuck Klosterman: I grew up hating the Vikings.

Chuck Klosterman: No I won't watch a minute of it. Or maybe I'll watch hockey. The winter Olympics are so weird. They really only exist for countries with an arctic climate. If you'd like to see Iceland be a world power at something, they'll probably get in the Winter Olympics.

Chuck Klosterman: Well, that's true. Look at , for example.

Chuck Klosterman: Mike Wise or something. The timing wasn't so bad because of  going on.

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Chuck Klosterman: You've got bigger guys moving faster and they are still colliding in the same way they always did. On the one hand, football is certainly less dangerous than it was at the turn of the century. I think it was who . And that's probably true.
When I was watching a couple of weeks ago, the quarterback from West Virginia who's Miami's wildcat quarterback now, —there was a moment when I thought he was dead. Did you see ?

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Chuck Klosterman: He didn't do anything. He was just on the sidelines and went down. I was watching that game and for a second I thought, "What if I just saw this guy die? What will that mean?" Now, he didn't. He was OK, or relatively OK. But the thing is, when someone dies playing football—I'll bet it happens in the next five years—it's going to be a huge story and it's going to be shocking. But ; . There are these sports that people die in and I don't know what we are going to do. Make helmets bigger with more padding? Maybe that will help. They can keep extending these rules that really penalize anyone for going to the head or using the head in any way, although they've extended that rule as far as it can go.
The thing that will be interesting is, is there some relationship between the increase in concussions and steroid use? I don't have any evidence besides anecdotal, but it seems to me that part of the reason it seems to be happening more and more is because you have bigger guys moving faster. The change has been pretty dramatic. If you look at was like , the change is much more dramatic than it was from, say, the '60s to the '80s. So something has changed. Something is raising the velocity with which these guys are moving around the field with this greater mass. But while people are really interested about steroids in baseball, they're just not as interested about football, because we kind of expect football players to be big, fast, violent guys.

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Chuck Klosterman: People want sports to feel important. I do. I think all sports fans do. So they like to find guys where you can find meanings that go outside of the game and that's why a given athlete's public persona matters. When we think about it, sports are the one thing that's totally quantifiable. It shouldn't really matter what someone acts like because his success or failure can be calculated in a really sort of indisputable way. But it doesn't operate that way.

Chuck Klosterman: Exactly. Why is it to Bill Clinton's credit that he ? That's a weird thing to reward people for.

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Scott Fitzgerald, Vonnegut and even Stephen King.
The book was non fiction and analyzed Heavy Metal through experiences in Chuck's youth.
It was a little lame because it mostly focused on a sub-genre called glam metal.
2002 and beyond
a man with a misunderstood sense of humor
With his move to New York, Chuck began writing more and more.

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Chuck Klosterman: People talk about Reagan and they talk about why he was so successful. The thing that Reagan did more than anything is that he made conservatism seem new. In the '70s, if someone said you were a conservative, that's like little old ladies trying to get fluoride out of the water. All of a sudden in the '80s, it was this interesting thing to be conservative—these characters and these characters that had these very conservative ideas, but seemed as though they were really like a new kind of person.
And I think that that's sort of what football's continually doing. It takes this old-world, Brett Favre-ian mindset and it seems like a new thing to people because it is new.

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In a New York Press Article, journalist Mark Ames started an onslaught against Klosterman's 2003 book- Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.
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“Klosterman is, quite simply and almost literally, an ass.