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A balanced approach does not mean agreeeing with both sides. It means presenting an opinion which is neither one side nor the other but your own specific opinion.

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With the exception of the two types from the previous reform, and the value 1000 spades, all of the coins of this reform are rare, suggesting this was a very short-lived series, probably only for part of AD 10. There are several types for which we have never seen a genuine example, and cannot give any valuations. Fakes exist of all the rare types, so we recommend examining any specimens very closely.

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The spade types are all found with and without a line extending from the hole to the upper rim, although the meaning of this line is uncertain. It may indicate two mints were operating, or that there were two different issues of these coins. These are poorly cast coin and usually seen with rather rough surfaces.

Pan Liangs under 30 mm can safely be assigned to the  and are discussed under that heading.

Your essay should be formal in content, not informal.

It is not about examiners understanding. It is about showing a range of vocabulary. If you pack an essay with high level medical words, but the rest of your vocabulary is only average – the examiner will easily see you do NOT have a wide range of words. The examiner will see you are a doctor and your vocabulary is limited to medical English. This means your vocabulary score will not increase. You can’t cheat IELTS. You need to show a range of vocabulary from all topics – not only medical language. So, don’t full your essay with medical vocab – it won’t help.

You should also introduce your opinion in the introduction.

Hello Liz,
I was asked following topic-
‘Money is the most important thing for happiness.
To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give examples from your life.’
My question is while giving examples, should they be specifically from our lives or should they be in general context?

*Liu was the last Emperor of Western Hanand the first emperor of Eastern Han.

Can we say “On the flip side …”?

hi Liz,
I was wondering if i can add ideas in the thesis, because i couldn’t find many arguments about physical education alone so can i introduce other arguments in the thesis that i could talk about later in the body paragraphs ?? for example: ” i agree that introducing physical education is key to tackle this problem, NEVERTHELESS, raising awareness about obesity and diet are also essential”.
thank you.

Includes  (1752), "My Own Life," by David Hume, and a letter by Adam Smith.

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The Huo Ch'uan coinage exist in a couple of preculiar varities, some of which may have more to do with the Eastern Han Dynasty than the time of Wang Mang. While examining a recent group of these, we noticed that there seemed to be two sizes (ones in the 21-22 mm range, and those over 23 mm). This may suggest two distinct issues, probably at different times, but there is not enough evidence yet to support and firm conclusions.

I was wondering if we are not suppose this language in Agree/disagee(Opinion) essay.

Hello Liz,Is there are a link for all essay answers?

It would appear that Emperor Wu was attempted a coinage reform to replace the Ban Liang with a new monetary unit with one that actually named the Shu, but cast to the same standard as the already existing Ban Liang. The rarity of these coins show it was a short lived and failed experiment, and it is not difficult to see why. "SAN-SHU" (3 shu) implies a weight of 1.95 grams at the official weight standard of a shu, and 1.5 grams normal weight a coin of 3 shu. But they average about 2.5 grams which is the weight of a 5 shu coin. Thus they had a higher bullion value than their circulating value, making them ready targets for people to melt to profit from the excess copper in them. Emperor Wu may have done this thinking it would make them popular and thus would circulate, but got the opposite result (popular but would not circulate).