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Some people are Working to end it, others are simply ignoring it, hoping that will somehow go Away, and some people are trying to tell America that what a child sees on TV Will not affect him. We must work to eliminate the problem now. Watching Cartoons on television may not make him grow up to be a cold-blooded murderer, But the total impact of witnessing repeated acts of violence may slowly cause Our society to become more and more aggressive until there are too many killings To list on the news and watching one while you walk down the street is a common Occurrence. We will never actually be able to tell what the ultimate impact of Violence on television is until it actually happens, but will that be too late For us to recover from it? Only time will tell...

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One way to reduce the impact of television on children is offering less TV in the home.

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Are kids watching more or less TV than in the past? If obesity and overweight children are related, we’d expect the amount of TV watching to increase as the rate of obesity increases as well. In 2009, the Chicago Tribune reported that There is also to show that fussier children watch more TV, though it isn’t clear whether the TV makes them fussy or whether their fussiness leads to them watching more TV. Finally, there is from Nielsen that toddlers are watching more television than in past decades.

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Doctor Korczak and the Children is a deeply affecting and compelling drama, telling a true story which deserves to be remembered. The story has been dramatised many times, for stage, radio, television and film, but this version is the most unusual. It demonstrates just what was achievable with minimal resources but unlimited resourcefulness on the part of its creators and a desire to produce something truly arresting. In those terms, Doctor Korczak and the Children was most certainly a great success.

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Doctor Korczak and the Children came to British television as the opening play in the second series of the BBC’s drama anthology Studio 4 (1962). Named after the studio in the BBC’s Television Centre that its plays were recorded in, then one of the most modern studios in the world, the series aimed to “tell a story in exciting visual terms”, and was a successor to the previous year’s Storyboard. Calling for no sets or costumes, Doctor Korczak and the Children was the sort of visually unusual work suited to Studio 4. The play was produced and directed by BBC staff producer Rudolph Cartier, who translated and adapted the German text himself. Many years later, Cartier explained how budgetary constrains inspired him to produce the play without sets or costumes, but it seems he was misremembering, or perhaps embellishing the truth for the sake of a good story, as this innovation is exactly as per the stage text.

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There are many educators, caregivers, and parents who are under the belief that television is an essential learn tool and has helped many children to advance beyond their age level.

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