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For the sake of this paper, the definition of poverty which includes opportunities and education will be used because it includes various parts of being poor instead of focusing simply on monetary currency. When the general public thinks of poverty, it thinks of poor starving children in Africa....

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13. Aratani, Yumiko; Chau, Michelle. Forthcoming. Asset Poverty and Debt among Families with Children in the United States. New York, NY: National Center for Children in Poverty, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health.

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It has been noted that this could be as a result of these areas lying vastly in rural areas where the level of poverty is generally higher due to fewer high wages jobs, such that the families in which these children live in barely meet their needs. Data shows that children in poverty account for 39% of the population in poverty in United States on America.

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Whether we examine childhood poverty, poverty among working-age adults, poverty within single-parent families or overall rates of poverty, the story is much the same — the United States has exceedingly high levels of impoverishment. The many who find themselves in poverty are often shocked at how little assistance the government actually provides to help them through tough times.

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According to statistics from the Census Bureau, there were 73.7 million children aged between 1 to 17 years old in 2011 in United States. Of this number, it is estimated that approximately 18.6 % live in poverty. This accounts for about 13.5 million children. In 2001, the census bureau reported that the group in which children belonged in was poorer by 12% than any other age group in the census . The number of children in poverty has been steadily increasing in the USA. The Census bureau reported that poverty in children has been rising steadily at a rate of 2.8% every five years. Statistics also show that children under the age of six were the most affected showing the highest level of poverty than any other demographic group.

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To break the cycle of poverty and improve the odds for all ofour country’s children, we need a two-generation approachthat lifts family income in the short-term, while also mitigatingthe impact of poverty on children’s life chances. First,children are poor because their parents are poor, and it iscritical that we address this problem head-on with policies andprograms that support work and increase family income. Thisincludes making work pay with policies that promote high-qualityjobs, particularly in disadvantaged communities, as well as withsupports that allow parents to afford basic family necessities whenworking for low wages. It also includes programsthat reduce barriers to employment among families struggling with,for example, limited educational attainment, language barriers,substance abuse or other mental or physical health needs. Andparticularly in a period of rising unemployment, ensuring access tounemployment insurance and other supports for the jobless iscritical.

Children and Poverty in the United States Essay. Poverty is a difficult situation to get a handle on because of the constant rise in population in the United States.

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We currently expend among the fewest resources within the industrialized countries in terms of pulling families out of poverty and protecting them from falling into it. And the United States is one of the few developed nations that does not provide universal health care, affordable child care, or reasonably priced low-income housing. As a result, our poverty rate is approximately twice the European average.

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Child hunger in the United States is caused by poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, and food shortage; however there are many solutions to this problem like FRAC strategies, food banks, summer feeding programs, and backpack feeding programs....