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But my dream of Egypt was private and it was my daughter, many years later, who actually played a game very like the one in the story, after I had turned her on to the fascinating game possibilities of a culture that includes pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphic writing and an intriguing array of gods and goddesses.

Often these creatures seemed to have been in need of a helping hand.

If you are undertaking research in early childhood then this book is for you.

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Too young for my grade, having been advanced by a firstgrade teacher who didn't know what to do with me while she was teaching reading, and further handicapped by being raised by a mother who hadn't really faced up to the twentieth century, I was suddenly a terrible misfit.

I seemed to have been born reading.

Many philosophers in the history of ethics have devoted seriousattention to the issue of moral development. Thus Plato, for example,offers a model curriculum in his dialogue, Republic, aimed atdeveloping virtue in rulers. Aristotle's account of the logicalstructure of the virtues in his Nicomachean Ethicsprovides a scaffolding for understanding how moral development takesplace. And the Stoics (Turner and Matthews, 1998, 45–64) devoted specialattention to dynamics of moral development.

So we lived in the country where he had room for a garden and as many animals as possible.

So I retreated further into books and daydreams. Books!

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I loved the look and feel of them, even the smell.

Almost no one feels called upon to honor the working hours of an unpublished wife and mother who insists on wasting large chunks of time in front of a typewriter.

Libraries were treasure houses.

It was after the third complete rewriting that the book was accepted, and I became a published writer.

Being published, I found, makes a difference.

I can recall in some detail the day we acquired a collie puppy and a young kitten.

My mother was born in California, the youngest of six children.

The inbetween substance is woven of imagination and that is what makes fiction fascinating, to write as well as to read.

And then there is another element, a mysterious idea source which, it seems, many writers tap from time to time, and its unexpected and unpredictable gifts provide some of the most exciting and rewarding moments in writing.

Although they really frightened me, I don't think I would have wanted to be talked out of them.

It wasn't exactly that I was a liar.

How childhood is conceived is crucial for almost all thephilosophically interesting questions about children. It is alsocrucial for questions about what should be the legal status of childrenin society, as well as for the study of children in psychology,anthropology, sociology, and many other fields.

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I was a good student, although my abilities were decidedly lopsided.

The topics discussed above hardly exhaust the philosophy ofchildhood. Thus we have said nothing about, for example,philosophical literature on personhood as it bears on questions aboutthe morality of abortion, or bioethical discussions about when it isappropriate for parents to consent to children's participation inmedical research or refuse medical treatment of their children. Therehas been increasing attention in recent years to questions about theappropriate limits of parental authority over children, about thesource and extent of parents and the state's responsibilities forchildren, and about the moral permissibility of parents devotingsubstantial resources to advancing the life prospects of theirchildren. These and many other topics concerning children may befamiliar to philosophers as they get discussed in othercontexts. Discussing them under the rubric, ‘philosophy ofchildhood,’ as well in the other contexts, may help us seeconnections between them and other philosophical issues concerningchildren.