Genes that may have input into Down syndrome include:

When I was in college, I had a classmate who I was told "might end up beingthe first human cured of Hodgkin's disease." He died, but the fact that Hodgkin's is now cured sooften is one of the 20th century's great triumphs.

Figure 2.3.2 - Electron micrograph of an animal cell

Prokaryotes do not have any mitochondria whereas eukaryotes do.

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The story of progress in the treatment of the leukemias, all considered incurable when I was in college,is described in Cancer 113(7S): 1933, 2008.

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By contrast, CHRONIC LEUKEMIAS ("well-differentiated leukemias") feature cancer cellsthat do mature(more or less), and that have a natural history measured in years.

Prokaryotes have small ribosomes (70S) compared to eukaryotes which have large ribosomes (80S).

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Many of these people have a clone of T-cellswith mutated perforin (Blood 109: 5234, 2007), the samelocus that's mutated in familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.Other cases of acquired aplastic anemiaseem to be the result of running out of telomere lengthduring aging.

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(It is poorly-named.)In the 1990's, it became clear that most cases of aplastic anemia are causedby T-cell-mediated attacks on the hematopoietic marrow.

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WARNING: The following "myeloproliferative diseases" are all "tumors of the multipotent myeloid stem cell", and can transform into one another (usually from a mild one to a bad one): * "Chronic neutrophilic leukemia / atypical CML" is a different leukemiathat may someday be defined by its being driven by CSF-3R mutations (NEJM 368:1781, 2013).

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Newer therapies (alpha-interferon with or without cytarabine) suppress the leukemic clone and do prolong survival. Historically, the only hope for a cure was allogenic bone marrow transplantation.

Animal cells do not have chloroplasts whereas plant cells do for the process of photosynthesis.

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I send my mostchallenging questions to the medical student pathologyinterest group, minus the name, but with your E-mailwhere you can receive a reply. Numbers in {curly braces} are from the magnificent videodisk.

Animal cells store glycogen as their carbohydrate resource whereas plants store starch.

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Note that the finding of mitotic figures or necrosis doesn't necessarily point to malignancy, while the presence of a variety of cell shapes actually suggests a benign diagnosis.

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Once uniformly fatal, the disease is now often controllable usingmarrow / stem cell transplantation and/or immunosuppression (Blood 108: 2509, 2006).