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The National Safety Council has called for a total ban on cellphone use while driving because more than 100 million people are engaged in this high-risk activity every day. We do not support laws that would permit the use of hands-free devices, because that those devices are any safer for drivers.

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Why Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Banned

The use of cell phone should be banned while driving ..

Cellphone use while driving should be banned. Studies have shown that the distraction caused is equivalent to DUI levels of inattention.
I used to live in Norway where the ban is firmly enforced and everyone gets the message. My company has a global ban on use of cellphones whilst driving and has a strict enforcement plan and education policy.
The problem is that we still have people who think DUI is acceptable, how do we persuade them that use of cellphones is bad?

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The problem is making laws banning cellphone use effective. In New York, which enacted the first ban on handheld cellphones in 2001, drivers’ use of such phones went down by about 50 percent shortly after the law took effect. But this decline had dissipated substantially when measured a year later. The result was different after a similar law was enacted in Washington, D.C., where use also declined by about 50 percent and the decline was sustained a year later. More intensive enforcement in Washington could be a reason for the difference.

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Cell phone users while driving has low level of perceptions.

Data from the indicated that if a driver takes his eyes off of the road for more than two seconds, it greatly increases the risk of a crash. Together with the intensity of the conversation, cellphone use is becoming a major cause of road crashes and fatalities. Texting while driving raises this level of risk exponentially. Ultimately, if the studies show that talking on a cellphone provides the equivalent impairment of having a blood alcohol level of 0.8 — the limit to drive a car in most states — the use of cellphones while driving should be banned.

Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving in Texas Essay - Cell phone use including hands-free should be banned in Texas.

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Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving in Texas Essay - Cell phone use including hands-free should be banned …

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