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Hindu marriage as an institution of family and society has undergone quite a number of changes in recent times. The position of women changed and she is not as dependent or subservient as her ancestors were. Still for many Hindus, divorce is the last desperate resort. The stigma associated with divorce is the biggest deterrent. It not only effects the couple involved, but their families and children also. Divorced people find it difficult to be accepted among their friends and family and find new partners. The problem is more acute in case of divorced women. The families involved on either side also suffer, especially if there are children of marriageable age. Dowry and interference of in-laws are two important causes of divorce. Many put up with the injustices, but a few take action. There are many couples, who live together, though they have serious issues of compatibility, for fear of public humiliation and social disapproval or the love of children. Some women turn to religion to cope with the pressures of a difficult marriage or a difficult husband. Some live apart, under the pretext of working abroad or in some far away place.

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The divorce rate for both is 3.05 percent” (SiliconIndia, 2012), Produces about divorce with negative pressure effects on parents and children, As well as reactions child for the death of a parent was found to be not much different from the reaction of children from divorced parents, even if the child...

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(Also available in Word format) Cause and Effect: Adverb Phrases m Longer Exercises Essays and Readings Marriage and Modern Development (Gulf News, Mar 03: html copy Divorce Rates Plummet in Dubai (Gulf News, Aug 03: Read html copy Saudi Man Weds 13-year-old (AlSharq Alaswat, Mar.

Because of this, there is much that the average citizen does not know about the short-term and long-term effects of divorce....
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