The principles are resemblance, contiguity, and cause and effect.

This research has caused much controversy between believers and nonbelievers, because The Mozart Effect is said to enhance the brain and reasoning; it is also used to reduce stress, depression, or anxiety; it induces relaxation or sleep; and the Mozart Effect activates the body....

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This essay attempts to describe the effects of automobiles on society. The history of transportation has undergone a major shift in the twentieth century. Historically, transportation was dominated by the railroads; attention in the recent years, however, has turned to the 20th century modes of freight and passenger movement namely: the automobiles, including cars, trucks and buses. These modes of automobiles present massive opportunities to understand the tremendous need for independent and liberal modes of rapid mobility. The essay also discusses the effects of automobiles on environment, common people and cities asserting that automobiles have revolutionized lifestyles and become an indispensable and basic component of society.

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CAUSE #1 EFFECTS & Effect #4 Western Europe nations and the United States get together and form the NATO, while the satellite states and the Soviet Union get together and make the Warsaw Pact.

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