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Some women choose an abortion because it was bad timing to get pregnant. One of the symptoms of postabortion syndrome is a woman’s desire to immediately get pregnant and have another baby to replace the one that she aborted. This happens even if the woman’s circumstances that led her to an abortion have not changed (PASS, 1). When this happens, a woman has undergone the physical and emotional pain of having an abortion, pointlessly. Unfortunately, even the second child does not alleviate the pain of her earlier loss. Some women have trouble bonding with their other children because of fear and guilt.

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Abortions are not the right answer for women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. On the contrary, the legalization of abortion has hurt many. There is no way to determine if a woman will suffer from an abortion or not. However, the odds are not in her favor. Despite this, abortions are legal and probably will remain so. Because of this, it is vitally important that women receive counseling before needing an abortion. They need to be educated about the risks and long-term effects that abortions can have. They need to be given resources for post-abortion syndrome. They need to be given a safe environment away from their family and friends where they can decide what is truly best for them.

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The legalization of abortion is a nonviable process because bring big consequences on the health of the mother, not would respect the right to life and finally still no scientific evidence to prove the existence of life in the embryo.

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The stress an abortion places on women can have a dramatic impact on their personal relationships. If the couple is unable to express their feelings the trust in their relationship is undermined. This can result in either the woman or the man feeling very much alone. This is especially likely if either of them viewed the abortion as wrong, or wanted to keep the baby. The insecurity as well as possible resentment (if the abortion was not a mutual decision) strains the relationship, often becoming enough to end the relationship. Even if the abortion was a mutual decision, the pain of having an abortion and the broken emotional attachment to the fetus is enough to cause relationship problems that are often irresolvable.

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Since abortions have serious, sometimes permanent negative effects on a women, should it still be her choice? Why are other self-destructive behaviors illegal in this country? Prostitution is illegal, not because the government is trying to destroy jobs, but because prostitution’s harmful side effects can be demonstrated. Methamphetamine is illegal, not because the government wants to stop people from enjoying themselves, but because it ruins the lives of the people using it. Other self-destructive behaviors such as cutting oneself or attempting suicide have people put into mental hospitals. They are placed in these facilities so that they can no longer harm themselves even if they want to. This demonstrates that people do make choices that are bad for themselves and our society believes that it is legitimate to take those liberties away.

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What about rape victims? An argument that the pro-choice use is that a woman who is pregnant from rape should have the right to an abortion. After all, it would be cruel to force her to carry the baby of some depraved stranger to term, wouldn’t it? Before answering this question, it should be pointed out that only a very small percentage of abortions are the result of rape. However, this argument is an effective emotional ploy used to make the pro-life advocates seem heartless. Perhaps it is most useful to answer this question with another. Is it truly going to help to add the physical and emotional trauma that an abortion will bring to an already hurting woman? If a woman has been raped she is already hurt enough, and adding more guilt and pain to her distressed state will not quicken the healing process. Suppose we did make abortions legal only for those few women who have become pregnant through rape, there would be no way to enforce it. It is impossible to determine if a baby was conceived from rape two months after the fact because unfortunately the majority of rapes are not reported.