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Even though the effects of consuming large amounts of nicotine in a persons’ system is unknown, the unbanning of electronic cigarettes in Los Angeles decrease the harm second-hand smoke causes as well as the health risks associated with toxic tobacco products such as cancer....

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Diseases caused by the effects of smoking or second hand smoke may lead to emphysema.

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Regular green tea drinking may protect smokers from oxidative damages and reduce cancer risk or other diseases caused by free radicals generated by cigarette smoking (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, asthma) . Green tea may prevent future cardiovascular disorders in chronic smokers.

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This leads to the question of just how much effect does smoking cigarettes have on general health.
To narrow down the study, we choose to pick a few health factors to test and prove our hypothesis.

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The detrimental effects of smoking to your health, the carcinogenic materials in cigarettes and that comprise the smoke byproduct, and the surprising negative impact on one’s appearance are compelling...

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This essay will propose to outline the causes and the effects of this anti-smoking attitude in the UK and the USA and explain why similar campaigns would or would not be effective in Qatar....

The side effects of cigarettes are endless, therefore I would like to focus on the relationship of smoking and sleep disturbance.

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Second-hand smoke also has tentative links to diverse ailments such as various cancers, strokes, sudden infant death syndrome, and an increase in the effects of cystic fibrosis and asthma.
Cigarette smoking should affect blood pressure and heart rate because nicotine narrows the blood vessels that lead to extremities on the body, forcing the heart to work harder to supply blood to these extremities.

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In fact, over 75,000 reports have examined the connection between cigarette smoking and its effects (U.S.

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The ban from smoking in public will help to reduce the smokers intake of cigarettes/chemicals, cigarettes themselves are a danger to the earth, some may argue that this ban may damage the economy, and that smoking does not only effect the smoker himself/herself, it...