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According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, “Capital Punishment is the execution of a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense.” Over the centuries capital punishment has been one of the most controversial debates in our society....

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Bruce Franklin of “Billy Budd and Capital Punishment: A Tale of Three Centuries” investigates the underlying controversial feud that represents the issue of the story, and details the debates surrounding the “profound influence on American culture” (1-18).

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St Thomas Aquinas said Capital Punishment was akin to amputating a diseased limb to protect the body. This part of the debate is settled. His Holiness Pope Francis is within his right to say, as some of his predecessors, like Pope St. Leo I, Pope St. Nicholas, Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have, that it is not always prudent to amputate a limb, that if a limb can be cured it does not need to be amputated, and that amputating a limb that could otherwise be saved does harm to the body. But to say that amputating a limb is always and inherently wrong, no matter how rotten or diseased the limb is or how much threat it poses to the body, is something which not even the Pope has the authority to make as it goes against two thousand years of Church teaching.

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The most vociferous defender of Pope Francis’s remarks has been the . Unfortunately, as has become his wont in recent years, Shea completely ignores the actual arguments of his opponents and instead attacks straw men, indulges in attacks, and drags in political controversies with which he is personally obsessed but which have nothing to do with the debate over capital punishment.

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Debates have hovered around as long as capital punishments beginning; differing on viewpoints whether to abolish it or not and whether or not it is s just form of punishment.