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Army Kwajalein Atoll, Majuro, US Army
Dyess Army Airfield, Roi-Naumur, US ArmyNetherlands
Brunssum Pomms, Brunssum, US Army
Eygelshoven Reserve Strge Area, Eygelshoven,US Army
Hendrik Mine, Brunssum, US Army
Rotterdam Admin Facility, Rotterdam, US Army
Schinnen, Schinnen, US Army
Schinnen Emma Mine, Schinnen, US Army
Soesterberg Air Base Number 2, Soesterberg,US Air Force
Vriezenveen Pomms (Almelo), Vriezenveen, USArmy
5 Installations, no further detailsNew Zealand
COMNAVDIST Washington DC, US NavyNorway
Flesland Air Base, Bergen, US Air Force
Sola Sea Air Base, US Air Force
Stavanger Air Base, Stavanger, US Air Force
6 Installations, no further detailsOman
Masirah Island MPT, Dhuwwah, US Air Force
Seeb MPT, Sib, US Air Force
Thumrait MPT, Salalah, US Air ForcePeru
Iquitos radar station
Andoas radar station
Pucallpa radar stationPortugal
Agualva Munitions Storage Annex, Lajes, USAir Force
Caldeira Ammunition Storage Area, Lajes, USAir Force
Cinco Picos Globecom Annex, Praia DaVictoria, US Air Force
Covadascinzas Petroleum Products Stg Anx,Praia Da Victoria, US Air Force
Lajes Field, Lajes, US Air Force
Praia Da Victoria Dock Annex, Praia DaVictoria, US Air Force
Praia Da Victoria Fuel Storage Annex, PraiaDa Victoria, US Air Force
Villa Nova Globecom Annex, Villa Nova, USAir Force
13 Installations, no further detailsQatar
Al Udeid Air Base, Al Udeid, US Air Force
1 Einrichtung ohne weitere AngabenSaudi Arabia
Eskan Village Air Base, US Air Force
Riyadh Air Base, Riyadh, US Air Force
King Abdul Aziz Air Base, Dhahran, US AirForce
King Fahd Air Base, Taif, US Air Force
King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt, US AirForceSerbia-Montenegro
Camp Bondsteel, Urosevac, US Army
Camp Monteith, Gnjilane, US Army
NAVREGCONTRCTR Singapore, Singapur, US Navy
Sembawang Hsg, Sembawang, US Air Force
Paya Lebar Air Base, Sembawang, US Air ForceSpain
Moron Air Base, Moron De La Frontera, US AirForce
NAVHOSP Rota, Rota, US Navy
NAVSTA Rota, Rota, US Navy
Torrejon Air Base, Torrejon, US Air Force
3 Installations, no further detailsSouth Korea
Bayonet Training Area, Tong Du Chon, US Army
Brooklyn Hill, Yangsan, US Army
Bullseye 01, Kumchon-Ni, US Army
Bullseye 02, Kumchon Ni, US Army
Camp Ames, Taejon City, US Army
Camp Bonifas, Kumohon Ri, US Army
Camp Carroll, Waegwan, US Army
Camp Casey, Tongduchon, US Army
Camp Castle, Tond Du Chon, US Army
Camp Colbern, Songnam, US Army
Camp Eagle, Wonju City, US Army
Camp Edwards, Kumchon-Ni, US Army
Camp Essayons, Uijongbu, US Army
Camp Falling Water, Uijong Bu, US Army
Camp Garry Owen North, Kumohon Ni, US Army
Camp Giant, Kumchon, US Army
Camp Greaves, Kumchon Ni, US Army
Camp Henry, Taegu, US Army
Camp Hialeah, Pusan, US Army
Camp Hovey, Tongduchon, US Army
Camp Howze, Kumchon Ni, US Army
Camp Humphreys, Pyongtaek City, US Army
Camp Humphreys Comm Site, Pyongteak, US AirForce
Camp Jackson, Uijong Bu, US Army
Camp Kwangsa Ri Camp, Kwangsa Ri, US Army
Camp Kyle, Uijongbu, US Army
Camp Liberty Bell, Munsan Up, US Army
Camp Long, Wonju, US Army
Camp Market, Inchon, US Army
Camp Nimble, Tong Du Chon, US Army
Camp Page, Chun Chon, US Army
Camp Red Cloud, Uijong Bu, US Army
Camp Red Cloud Comm Site, Euijeongbu, US AirForce
Camp Sears, Uijongbu, US Army
Camp Stanley, Uijong Bu, US Army
Camp Stanton, Kumchon Ri, US Army
Camp Walker, Taegu City, US Army
Camp Yongin, Suwon, US Army
Chang San, Pusan, US Army
Cheju Do Training Center, Mosulpo, US Army
COMNAVFORKOREA Yongsan SK, Yongsan, US Navy
Dartboard Site, Taegu City, US Army
Far East Dist Engr, Seoul, US Army
Freedom Bridge, Munsan Up, US Army
Gimbols, Tongduchon, US Army
Gun Training Area, Tong Du Chon, US Army
H220 Heliport, Tong Du Chon, US Army
High Point, Chonan City, US Army
K-16 Air Base, Songnam, US Army
Kamaksan ASA, Tong Du Chon, US Army
Kimhae Storage Annex, Kimhae, US Air Force
Koon Ni Air Range, Koon Ni, US Air Force
Koryosan ASA, Inchon, US Army
Kunsan Air Base, Kunsan, US Air Force
Kunsan Pol Terminal Site, Kunsan City, USArmy
Kwang-Ju Air Base, Kwang Ju, US Air Force
La Guardia, Uijongbu, US Army
Madison Site, Suwon, US Army
Masan Ammunition Depot, Masan, US Army
Mobile, Tong Du Chon, US Army
Osan Air Base, Song Tan, US Air Force
Osan Ni Ammunition Storage Annex, Osan Ni,US Air Force
Pier #8, Kanman-Tong, US Army
Pil-Sung Air Range, Sangori-Ni, US Air Force
Pusan Storage Facility, Pusan, US Army
Pyongtaek Cpx Area, Pyongtaek, US Army
Richmond, Taejon City, US Army
Shinbuk Relay, Pochon, US Army
Sungnam Golf Course, Songnam, US Army
Suwon Air Base, Suwon, US Air Force
Swiss and Swed Camp Mac HQ, Munsan Up, USArmy
Taegu Air Base, Taegu, US Air Force
Tango Songnam, US Army
Watkins Range, Tong Du Chon, US Army
Wonju Air Station, Wonju, US Air Force
Yong Pyong Tdc, US Army
Yongsan Area, Seoul, US Army
24 Installations, no further detailsSt.

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Camp Casey can refer to: Camp Casey, South Korea , a U.S

The Western Corridor camps are located to the west of the main US military hubs in Dongducheon and Uijongbu near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates North from South Korea.

Army base in South Korea Camp Casey, Crawford, ..

Following its closure, the land was purchased by Ewha Womans University.

By Seth Robson - S
Published: November 9, 2004

CAMP EDWARDS, South Korea — With the closure of Camp Edwards, the 2nd Infantry Division’s Western Corridor home base, the division’s road crew is on its way to Camp Casey.

“We cover almost 200 square kilometers from here to the Korea Training Center and as far south as Camp Humphries on occasion.
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2014 on Camp Casey, South Korea.

At the time of construction Camp Eagle was the most modern camp of any kind in South Korea and in all fairness even as the years have gone by it has still kept up in the way of modern convenience.

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What is Camp Casey's Zip Code/ In Tongduchon South Korea?