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The Gold Rush of 1849 had several benefits to California and the other gold seekers. California grew very fast into a state. The growth of California from a town into a state was largely contributed by the Gold Rush. The gold rush also led to increase in population in Francisco. Consequently, there was an increase in farming and agricultural activities to maintain the increasing population. There was also the construction of several new roads and highways in California as a result of the Gold Rush of 1849. New methods of transport were also invented during this time when there was the Gold Rush in California. The Gold Rush also created wealth for gold seekers within and from outside California. The Gold Rush of 1849 also led to the expansion of the mining company in California.

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The Gold Rush of 1849 led to the transformation and conversion of California from a calm, sleepy society to a violent, unruly and wild society. The Gold Rush in California started in 1848after the discovery of gold in California. Reportedly 300,000 people rushed to California for gold seeking. The gold attracted people from Latin America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Some of the gold seekers had to endure hardships to get to California, but they did not seem to mind. Initially, it was easy to acquire gold as it was easy. Gold nuggets and gold could be picked and collected from the ground. Later panning was used to recover the gold from the river beds and streams. It later became essential to use more developed and sophisticated methods to retrieve the gold underneath. Advancements in technology thus became vital. This period also caused the growth of the mining industry mainly characterized by the use of improved and more sophisticated technological advances. During the Gold Rush of 1849, a lot of gold was acquired from underneath. This had the effect of a few getting wealthier and richer. However, it was unfortunate that some people went back to their home with even little than what they initially had.

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Marshall’s accidental find led to the greatest peacetime mass migration in history, an unparalleled gathering of multiple ethnic groups. Between 1848-1853, nearly 300,000 emigrants, mainly male, rushed anyway they could—by covered wagon, horse, ship or walking—to what became “The Golden State of California.” Many of these enthusiastic folks, were forever called, “Forty-niners” (1849).

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