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the focus is centered on a young lead character
and the reader experiences emotions, situations, and the like through this character and is able to see how these problems/situations are resolved.

Bronx Masquerade: Intro
Using the structure of a poetry slam, Nikki Grimes' Bronx Masquerade is a novel written in 18 voices.

In Nikki Grimes’s Bronx Masquerade, Mr

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Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes

Don't believe us? No worries; we'll let Nikki Grimes convince you. Her 2002 book Bronx Masquerade prominently features not one, not two, but nineteen different , all of whom are or will be enrolled in the same English class. They start out filled with judgments and ideas about each other, but when their teacher starts inviting them to share their poetry during weekly open mic sessions, they find that—whoa—they actually have a ton in common. As an added bonus for readers, not only do we get to hear each student's life story in form, we also get to read the they write.

Bronx Masquerade Summary Nikki Grimes

Add to this the general practice of only sharing books by, say, African American authors in schools where African American students predominate, and you begin to recognize a pattern of marginalization."
--Nikki Grimes
Inspiration for
Bronx Masquerade
"My friend, English teacher Drew Ward, does a section on the Harlem Renaissance each year, with an emphasis on poetry.

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