I think that both girls and boys can benefit from playing together.

1 It is interesting to note that Keiko Takemiya, whose M/M stories stimulated countless Japanese girls and women to create their own yaoi and boys' love stories still works as an instructor in a manga correspondence school operated by .

2 The Harry Potter phenomenon illustrates the enormous range of dojinshi. In 2002, one ten-member Taiwanese dojinshi group, for example, produced in just a few months a 144 page volume featuring eleven different Harry Potter stories. None of the stories is yaoi and while boys' love is hinted at most of the stories are heterosexual in character.

3 In Taiwan, yaoi fans dislike the label otaku because of its negative connotations. In Taiwan, even more than in Japan, otaku are viewed as strange individuals living on the margins of society. Nevertheless, this particular interviewee agreed that she was "maybe sixty-percent otaku."

4 Eda began her career in Taipei as a professional manga artist at age 16. Because she was dissatisfied with low expectations and inadequate editorial guidance she received from her publisher in the just-developing Taiwanese manga industry, and because she sought more freedom, she returned to dojinshi. Her powerful psychological narratives deal with personality development, suicide, and "crime without punishment," but not with M/M. Her career exemplifies how readily some artists move between commercial manga and "amateur" dojinshi.

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Gym classes have boys lifting weights for strength and girls involved in aerobics for flexibility.

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In the story “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro, Munro suggests that this conflict is internal and external and a persons experiences in life will determine which of these forces will conquer.

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The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Clubs mission is to help youth of all backgrounds develop qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders. Through our association with , we seek to enhance the quality of life for the youth of our community.

She joined an all boys team and is one of the few girls in a formerly all boy football league.

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The protagonists in James Joyce’s “Araby” and Alice Munro’s “Boys and Girls experience a common initiation of how different the world is, compared to how they would like to see.

Combining girls and boys on a co-ed team would give everyone an opportunity to play.

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But this single thread explaining the origin of yaoi and boys' love is far too simple a story; M/M had pre-yaoi manifestations. Just as it has innumerable exponents today, it had other originators, both identifiable and unidentifiable--a paradigm case of Barthes' "the death of the author" (Barthes, 1977). Before M/M acquired the name yaoi, boys' love had made appearances in commercial manga. One of the most important appearances was the 1976 publication of Keiko Takemiya's sensational manga to (A Poem of Wind and Trees), the story of the beautiful young French boarding school student Gilbert Cocteau who is continually falling into bed with other boys. Takemiya (personal communication, 14 August, 2000) explained how she struggled to convince her editor at Syogakukan, one of Japan's big-three manga publishers, to print her story in the weekly girls' manga . Much to the publisher's surprise, the story was an instant success, it was serialized for many years, and introduced boys' love into the popular visual culture of adolescent girls. --which appeared in 1978 at roughly the same time that Sakata and her group coined the term yaoi--was the first commercial manga devoted entirely to M/M relationships. The erotic magazine for young women, which combines manga and short stories, within a few months evolved into the still popular (Sagawa, personal communication, June 6, 2002).1 A third type of M/M narrative termed "slash" which refers to love stories based on live media characters such as, say Kirk and Spock, about which there is a considerable body of literature (Bacon-Smith, 1992; Creed, 1990; Jardine, 1985; Jenkins, 1992; Kotani, 1994; Lamb & Veith, McLelland, 2000; 1986; Penley, 1991; Russ, 1985). Slash exists primarily as a literary form since, if the live actors are drawn in cartoon form, they become like manga or cartoon characters, that is to say, they become dojinshi yaoi.

I’ve been training as a goalkeeper since I was 8 with both girls and boys.

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Anyone between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) can become a club member. The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Clubs is a drop-in youth services organization where members have the opportunities for recreation, new acquaintances, athletic programs, structured activities and interaction with FSBGC staff supervision.

We clearly see this in the stories “Boys & Girls”, “Cat in the Rain”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and the poem “A Far Cry from Africa”.


When the boat was initially found by the girls the boys didn’t see it at first, after they find it they become closer friends and this newfound friendship takes the teenagers on an adventure....