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In his works collected in , Bourriaud had already begun to diagnose the problems of postmodernism that he would go on to confront with his concept of the altermodern. There, he characterizes postmodernity by two dominant attitudes, the first being early postmodernity's sense of loss, of living in an age after the grand narratives and the ideal of progress associated with modernity. The second attitude grows out of the first and consists in a proliferation of essences via postmodern multiculturalism. In his essay "Relational Form" he criticizes Jean-François Lyotard for "half-bemoaning" the loss of grand narratives in architecture and "condemning" architects in the post-modern period to merely creating "minor modifications". Bourriaud, however, asks if this supposed "condemnation" can rather be taken as a "chance." He writes, "This 'chance' can be summed up in just a few words: learning to inhabit the world in a better way, instead of trying to construct it based on a preconceived idea of historical evolution" (2002, 13). Rather than approaching the turn from universalism as a loss or a "condemnation," might we not be better served by approaching this turn as the presentation of an opportunity? While Lyotard gives us the imperative to "wage war on totality" and implores us to "be witnesses to the unpresentable" (1996, 437), Bourriaud takes subjectivity and representation outside of this dialectical scheme: "[i]t is not modernity that is dead, but its idealistic and teleological version" (2002, 13). Altermodernity is thus a re-opening of possibilities, or of the positive imagination associated with modernity, but in a context of contemporaneity that is unbound from an essentialist notion of roots and a pre-given endpoint.

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It isn’t entirely clear to me what Bourriaud’s ambitions are, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn he wanted to be director of an institution such as the Centre Georges Pompidou, or else running cultural policy for the French government; and if this is what he desires, then his curational charlatanism (viz re-dating Metzger’s work) indicates that he is unscrupulous enough to attempt to achieve it through a somewhat ambiguous redeployment of Nouvelle Droite motifs.There are only two pieces in the Altermodern show that actually resonate with Bourriaud’s inflammatory catalogue essay.

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This essay explores the ethics of translation by intersecting themes from Paul Ricoeur's late writings on relationality and translation with the work of art theorist Nicolas Bourriaud. Bourriaud has coined the term "altermodernity" to describe the current emergence of practices of subjectivity and relationality in art and culture that demonstrate a break from the themes of post-modernity, re-imagining possible futures and new perspectives on the present. This alter-modernity is not a return to essentialism or a thinking of destinies. It rather involves taking the precariousness and ungrounding of things as a source of positivity, seeking to take up the modernist ethos of creation from a constitutively inauthentic position.

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Bourriaud altermodern essay

resonate with Bourriaud’s inflammatory catalogue essay.