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However, a critical look at the American Revolution can be sobering. Studying how America celebrated its holidays in the early days, such as the Fourth of July, punctures a few myths. Events such as the protest of the Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, and Paul Revere’s Ride look a lot different when the primary documents are considered and the patriotic veneer is stripped away. Not only was Revere captured during his ride, the vast majority of Americans had never heard of him before Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem about him in 1863. Revere’s memory was in oblivion during the early 19th century.

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For a few months prior to the massacre, British troops had been stationed in Boston.

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Arguably, the most critical part of media in light of the Boston Massacre was to highlight issues pre and post the event (York, 2010). As an information body, media effectively played their role in describing underlying social issues and activities related to the event. For instance, media contexts offered vivid descriptions of the tense political climate during this period in addition to suggested economic strife encountered by Boston inhabitants (Haridakis et al, 2009). Haridakis et al (2009) note that the media’s efficacy was displayed by its ability to breakdown the Boston Massacre in a micro-sense, with issues relevant to individual reactions to the event being illustrated. Key themes highlighted through media included opposing views offered by pro-colonialism politicians and those offered by larger Boston radicals who widely criticized the event as a scheme to silence the fight for democratic governance and freedoms. Macro-analysis of the event largely focused on political, economic, and social issues revolving around colonialism and governance within Boston. In general, media seen to support radicalism views often adopted a more ethical yet skeptic approach in highlighting the effects of colonialism to country. Aspects such as the suggested draconian Parliamentary laws and excessive use of military power to enforce the British agenda were widely discussed through media. On the other hand, pro-British publications adopted a rather defensive stance in supporting (and at times condoning) the Boston Massacre events as a response to riotous behavior aimed at destabilizing civil coexistence within the country. Overall, both divides in the media industry played an important role in highlighting relevant issues within Boston society, creating precedence on the effect ideologies would have in shaping the political and economic climate within the US (York, 2010).

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An interdependent relationship between media and public opinion featured heavily in events that transpired following the Boston Massacre. Public opinion was on one part a strong ideological force that seemed to influence opinions or views aired in media as well as other societal organs such as politics, culture, and economy (York, 2010). Prevalence of riots and growing descent against British occupation were some of issues created and fueled within media through public opinion. In general, media sources appeared to pick and publish information that was desired or common within the public domain. However, the role of media as an information hub meant that it would have a stronger effect in influencing social ideologies within the country (Haridakis et al, 2009). For instance, the widely anti-British stance taken by most media sources within Boston fueled anti-colonialist views among Bostonians and equally created new radicals out of population groups largely seen as being conservative towards colonial occupation. The best-case scenario is the inclusion of African Americans in the British occupation debate despite their undergoing slavery during the same period. The media’s biased and often exaggerated reporting of the Boston Massacre was a purposeful attempt fueling universal opposition against the British and it worked based on the widespread condemnation against the Boston Massacre (York, 2010). Further, the Boston Massacre was a single day event but the media continued to carry and spread stories relating to the same as a way of fueling further sentiments within the public domain. Overall, media achieved its goal of shifting socio-political ideology to that aimed at painting the British in bad light and led to countrywide protests against colonialism. Media would later play its part in influencing America’s struggle for independence that was achieved in 1777 (Archer, 2010).

The Boston Massacre set a fire under the colonists and drove them to freedom.
The Boston Massacre, which took place on the evening of March 5, 1770, was absolutely no exception.

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Media remains a strong societal element that shapes public ideologies, views, or opinions. Media achieves this goal through its wide geospatial coverage, which means it spread information to numerous individuals within the American society. The media is also responsible for identifying and relaying pertinent issues afflicting members of society, which means that media is tasked with both information management and communication roles. Lastly, public opinion or views are primary source of information for media sources, which means that media’s relevance is dependent on public opinion. On the other hand, media’s ability to build contexts that shape social ideologies means that it does influence views, actions, or practices within the social domain. Historical records on the events of the Boston Massacre exemplify media’s influence over ideologies adopted in social organs such as politics, governance, culture, and economy. The approach taken by media in undertaking its intrinsic role of communication within society determines the mode of public reaction and outcomes of events.

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York, N. (2010). The Boston Massacre: A History with Documents. New York, NY: Mc Graw-Hill.

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The Boston Massacre is an important part of American history and largely played a role in shaping events that led to the country’s independence. A lot regarding events that preceded and followed the Boston Massacre centered on growing decent against prevailing colonialism conditions. While these events primarily embodied political aspects, media and journalistic views appeared to have a greater effect in shaping the impact the Boston Massacre would have on the present and future American society. On one part, the media was responsible for spreading news regarding the event. Secondly, media agencies embodied an evaluation role, which meant they were responsible for indentifying underlying issues affecting society. Third and most importantly, both media and the public interdependently influenced social thought, norms, and practices within society. This meant both media and the public had the power or ability to influence or mould social ideologies to aspects they deemed relevant for either one of them. Overall, the approach taken to report events and issues surrounding the Boston Massacre underscores both the public and media’s ability to influence ideologies adopted in other societal institutions such as politics, socio-culture, and economics among others.