One such constant is the bond found between a mother and child.

I wasn’t just up against the end of my parental leave. I was up against an entire culture that places very little value on caring for infants and small children. Parental leave , gives us and . If we truly valued the 47 percent of the work force who are women, and the value of our families, things would look different. Mothers could go back to work after taking time off to recover physically from birth and bond with their young children. Health care could be available to bridge that return to work so that our children could get their wellness checkups and vaccinations.

Yes, I believe in the bond between a mother and her child.

I believe in the bond between mother and child—even when the mother didn’t give birth to the child.

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It is a one-of-a-kind connection. The mother-child bond is not necessarily a product of the birth process. It is a product of love and caring, time and commitment, patience and teaching, enjoying the good times and working through the hard times. Solid cords of each intertwine with one another creating a bond that is forever unbreakable.

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I was born to one woman and raised by another. Being adopted has allowed me to explore the mother-child bond in a unique way. I believe that I bonded with my birth mother while in the womb. I believe that all babies do. I believe that I felt a loss when she left. It lingered as a hint of sadness deep inside me.

The emotional bond that forms between an infant and a primary caregiver is called attachment.
But it is very clear that the bond between a mother and a child plays a significant role in a child’s life.

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As a parent, I believe that is my job to foster the bond between siblings, as well as parent and child.

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An important event because it probably prevented Frida and her mother from forming a mother/child bond a broken bond that lasted a lifetime.

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