Race and racism are complicated issues in The Bluest Eye

In The Bluest Eye, Morrison distinguishes these divisions and their tensions through characters like Geraldine, Junior, and Maureen Peal, who represent the privileged division of black culture.

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Her struggle to incorporate race without being racist starts with her novel The Bluest Eye.

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In an attempt to break free from the racially influenced language that is so inevitable, Morrison uses characters (in places of words) in The Bluest Eye to enact this struggle—this inevitability—through realistic events and emotions that they each endure.

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Morrison explains that when writing The Bluest Eye she “was interested in racism as a cause, consequence, and manifestation of individual and social psychosis” (“Home” 9).

Toni Morrisons novel, The Bluest Eye is a great read that reflects racism in a different way
She has recorded research bluest in racism the eye papers three solo cds of contemporary societies

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“The bluest eyes” expresses the idea of internalized racism of African ..

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