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There are cons to the argument that suggests a rise in promiscuity in the adolescent demographic, but in spite of these cons the rise of birth control continues, because access to birth control helps adolescents make an informed and safe decision on whether or not to participate in sexual activities.

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A particular point of debate is the topic of birth control and the government.

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Today, over 400 public high schools in the United States provide free condoms for students as a part of HIV/AIDS or sex education programme. Opponents of these programmes claim that providing access to condoms and even discussing the benefits of birth control and disease prevention methods other than abstinence encourages teenagers to engage in sexual activity that might otherwise refrain from. They also assert that such education encourages students who are already having sex to do so more often or with more partners. But a number of studies have established that providing condoms in schools increase condom use among students that are already sexually active rather than simply increasing the sexual activity over the general population of the school.
The debate over condom access programmes is only one dimension of the ongoing struggle over sexualit

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These "solutions" make about as much sense as the solution for the problem of teen pregnancy - giving middle school and high school students birth control pills.

In the article, “At Issue: Birth Control Availability,” the author states that birth control is necessary to lower the number of teen pregnancies....
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In 1937 Salem police raided the clinic, seized all the records and arrested medical and social workers, then the same thing happened to all the other clinics that opened up.(Negri 2) Even though many religious beliefs don't approve of birth control, I think schools should teach about it so students and teens may better understand the repercussions of pregnancy and wouldn't have to deal with the cost of raising a child and so they would...

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