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The key factors of an autobiographical essay include dramatic events or episodes, vivid details and narration, and an interweaving of narration with reflection on and interpretation of the essayist’s experiences (Norton xxvii).

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An autobiographical essay is just an essay about something you experienced

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Understandably, some students of Ibsen have fallen into the temptationof drawing a parallel between life and art, and see this work as a mercilessself-denunciation. Once again, isby no means auto-biographical. Rubek's relationship with the writer hasto be sought on a deeper level - in the conflicts that Ibsen, toward theend of his life, saw as a general and essential human problem.

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This time, listen for it to tell you an interesting word or phrase that represents the THEME it sees in these paragraphs you typed about the person. Now that you have paraphrased a lot of paragraphs about the person, you are ready to come up with a theme for your paper. Your theme is what makes your biography of this person different from those written by other people. You're in a state of mind that is deeply influenced by contemplation of the significant events of this person's life. Think of the most important events, and ask yourself, what do these all have in common? What is the hidden message?

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