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Ah, it is one of the perhaps inevitable regresses of civilization that it tends to reverse our Divine Father's method, bidding us close our shutters, that we may sleep during His sunshine, and light our little candles and gas jets, that we may work during His night.(2) To be for signs, seasons, days, years.(3) To give light on the earth. MORAL MEANING OF THE STORY. The luminaries are guides to Jesus Christ.

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A brief survey of the inadequacy of traditional ways of expressing the doctrine of entire sanctification, proposing that the relational concept of love of both God and others provides an overarching and inclusive model.

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Classicists have studied patronage extensively, and their contributions are seen below under several of the headings. The foundation of most of these studies, and those in biblical studies as well, is modern anthropological research into patronage as a social institution, begun by (originally 1955). Although it is easy to assume that modern anthropological studies can be used to illuminate ancient Mediterranean culture, that assumption has been challenged by . Put differently, it is widely accepted that modern Mediterranean patronage is sufficiently similar to ancient Mediterranean patronage because ancient Mediterranean culture (or pockets of it) is similar to modern Mediterranean culture. It is also widely accepted that although local differences are important to acknowledge at a level of detailed analysis, together a broad spectrum of studies shows that across the Mediterranean a common social institution prevails. Given the traditional nature of many of the locations studied here, these studies provide an entry into understanding social relationships in the ancient Mediterranean as well. Thus is a study of a Greek community, a study of an Italian community, a study of a Mexican community, and is a study of a Colombian community. None are identical, but all share broad features, and together (with other studies) they recommend the idea of a Mediterranean (and Mediterranean derived) culture block (broadly speaking). (cited under ) is wide ranging, adding to the sense of cross-cultural applicability, as are and .

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Jesus came to be a light to them that sit in darkness; He sends His Spirit with His Word to subdue the rebellious heart, to awaken the insensible heart — to pour the light of celestial day upon the benighted spirit — to show the sinner to himself, and to reveal the saving mercy, of God in Christ — to reveal the dangers that lie in his pathway to eternity — to give him right views of every essential truth connected with salvation and eternal life — to teach him everything it is requisite he should know and experience ere he can inhabit the realms of light above — in short, to separate the light from the darkness.

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Therefore the Son of God, brightness of His glory and express image of His person (), radiance of His effulgence and character, or impress of His substance, became incarnate, that in the softer morning star and suffused dayspring of the Incarnation we might be able to look on the dazzling Father of Lights, and not be dazed into blindness. Jesus Christ is not only the shadow or tempered image of God: in the very act of becoming that shadow Jesus Christ also became the Light of the World ().

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A collection of biblical studies, theological reflections, and general articles that address primarily the topic of women in ministry, as well as other topics related to women in the Church.

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Up to this point I have focused on those passages about Creation in Holy Scripture that have provided essential themes for a theology of creation. But does the Bible, in particular the Old Testament writings, also offer a portrait of the creation, that is, do these writings contain a conceptual model to account for the variety of natural phenomena the sacred writers observed and described? One does find such a portrait: it was basically the "standard model" the Israelites shared with their Semitic neighbors of the ancient Near East. Although there is no single passage where this portrait is elaborated in detail, there are a number of allusions to its various elements throughout the Old Testament.


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The night was a long night, but it had an end: and now we look back and see how through all its dark and hopeless hours God was slowly grinding materials for the civilization of modern times.