Tim Groseclose's Theory of Liberal Media Bias Remains Shaky

Two other beliefs put forth as scientific based on large bodies of evidence characterized mainly by confirmation bias are and eugenics. The main tenet of phrenology is that the structure of the skull reveals a person's character and mental capacity. Phrenology has been thoroughly discredited and has been recognized as having no scientific merit, yet it was advocated by many scientists and medical professionals in the 19th century in Europe and America. The believers in phrenology had no trouble finding cases that fit their beliefs but nobody, it seems, attempted to test the belief by trying to falsify it, as good science requires.

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But the truth is that bias is everywhere, especially in today's media.

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Many different forms of media exist in developed nations along with many assessments about each of these innovations and their respective impacts on society.

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Al Jazeera is a not-profit media outlet that has provided an unbiased opinion and has been recognized on an international level in the recent years following their reports on Osama Bin Laden in 20012....

Today’s mass media messages are having a negative effect on how women perceive themselves....

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Although political bias is supposed to be close to nonexistent in what is being distributed by the media and by the government, the Western opinion of the Arab world and particularly the Arab Spring differs dramatically depending on the relationship it has with the country.

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The two sides of an argument I will portray in this essay are; if all media forms are biased in some way or if some have a completely unbiased ideology.

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In putting up these styles for closer assessment, the aim of this research is to determine the level of their impact on public health so that they perform as source for the remedial actions that must be performed.

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Media bias is where a journalist leans to one side of an argument rather than staying neutral with the subject in hand; throughout all media forms, this has become the norm.

The effectiveness of each media source varies and also depends on an individual’s point of view.

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Whether nations need to spread news or people want access to tabloid scandals, the media has evolved to a point where it governs our lives in many ways....

Media is the essential source of information about what is going on in America and the world.

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The myriad landscape that is the media today, can be accessed from almost anywhere, and has, in many ways, entrenched itself in American culture, replacing what used to be standard outlets of information.

Then, I will discuss my findings from visiting Media Research Center (MRC) and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) websites.

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Not only has bias been a problem in the broadcast media of ABC, NBC, and CBS, but it has also been a problem in mainstream newspapers such as The New York Times, The Sun, and The Boston Globe.