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“ever-increasing” means always growing. If you wrote your essay about a decreasing population it will affect you score for Task Response which relates to your ideas and answer. You could get a low score for that criterion. However, you might still do well in the other three criterion which could help. You must wait and see your result.
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The best way to learn, memorise and present a speech is this

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HiPhil and company,
Always loved the work of Stanislavsky, and in 15 years of acting it remained a challenge - a lovely challenge, like wanting to give as much and as best to a lover as possible in all circumstances.
But I have a question. Somewhere in my memories of his writing and my study of it, I remember a quote:
"Find the truth and make it beautiful."
Perhaps this is a distillation of his writing rather than a quote, I'm not sure. But if you know of it, please let me know.

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I just thought you deserved to know that you are quite possibly my new best friend. I've a theatre essay due tomorrow and because it also happens to be final exam week I have read hardly a word of this book. I think I'll be fine thanks to this. It's wonderful; keep up the brilliant work.
Truly a moment of the Internet coming through for me in a big way. :-)

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