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Undoubtedly Mill would agree with Bain’s comment ( 47) that the first “may be considered as superseded” by the second, but the articles are quite different in approach, and it should be noted that not only the interpolated passages but also the latter half of the “Appendix” to Vol. I of gave further currency to parts of the first review (see Appendix B, 650-3 below).

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On one side were wealth, strength, and leisure, accompanied by the refinements of luxury, the elegances of taste, the pleasures of intellect, and the culture of art. On the other were labour, rudeness, and ignorance; but in the midst of this coarse and ignorant multitude, it was not uncommon to meet with energetic passions, generous sentiments, profound religious convictions, and wild virtues. Society thus organized might possess stability, power, and, above all, glory.

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But the scene is now changed, and gradually the two ranks mingle; the barriers which once severed mankind are lowered; properties are broken down, power is subdivided, the light of intelligence spreads, and the capacities of all classes are more equally cultivated; the state of society becomes democratic, and the empire of democracy is slowly and peaceably introduced into institutions and manners.

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Dr. Lieber is of the same opinion.

Among the People’s Editions of Mill’s works, that of is unique in having some claim to textual authority, in that the variants, substantive and accidental, suggest that it was prepared from the text of the final Library Edition in Mill’s lifetime (both were published in 1865). The number of typographical errors in the People’s Edition, however, and the problems of deciding among the accidentals (which are few and trivial), make it unwise to depart from our policy of using the final Library Editions as copy-text; the substantive variants between the People’s and Library Editions are given in Appendix E.

A collection of scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets.

Our author has no great difficulty in disposing of this theory:

Because Appendix F serves as an index to persons, writings, and statutes, references to them do not appear in the Index proper, which has been prepared by Dr. Bruce Kinzer.

This volume has been published with the assistance of a grant from the Canada Council

“” says M. de Tocqueville in the opening of his work,

The greatest English poet of our own times lays no claim to this glorious independence of any obligation to pay regard to the laws of thought. Those whom Mr. Wordsworth honours with his acquaintance, know it to be one of his favourite opinions, that want of proper intellectual culture, much more than the rarity of genius, is the cause why there are so few true poets; the foundation of poetry, as of all other productions of man’s reason, being logic. By logic, he does not mean syllogisms in mode and figure, but justness of thought and precision of language; and, above all, knowing accurately your own meaning.

This book has been published during the Sesquicentennial year of the University of Toronto

There, however, its advantages terminate.

It should be mentioned that more editions of Mill’s works appeared in 1865 than in any other year: in addition to the two editions of the fifth editions of both the and the the People’s Editions of and the the periodical and first book editions of and the first and second editions of the The sale of all these, and his public reputation, were enhanced by his unusual and successful candidacy for Westminster in this same year.