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Your cats may or may not ever approach the dog. Cats have a very different interaction style over dogs. The way most dogs play insults the dignity of many cats, and some will simply be afraid. Of my four cats only one was an adult when she came into the household. She, Lady Greystoke, will now approach the dogs and head butt them - that took about a year for one dog, and another couple for my rougher dog. She had to learn that *her* behavior influenced the dogs - if she doesn't run they sniff and leave. I installed cat doors in two of my rooms so the cats always have a place to go with no dogs. I have had cats that never warmed up to the dog - they learned toleration but tried to avoid my dog as much as possible. I also have cats that adore the dog. Just work on training and control, as long as the cats are safe don't be too bothered if they aren't buddies.

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The Siberian is the smallest and fastest of the northern breeds. They were built to carry lighter loads (such as killed game) at high speeds over amazingly long distances. At the end of the 19th century Americans started hearing about these exceptional working dogs and a team was imported and participated in a major Alaskan sled race in 1909. These dogs were winning nearly all the races, easily beating the larger, more powerful, but slower malamutes and Eskimo dogs. Soon to be regarded as the supreme racing sled dog.

Everyone knows the story of Balto (left)). But, because of the movie, some major details of the run are being overlooked. The famous diphtheria run took place in 1925 when there was a serious outbreak in Nome, Alaska. Balto was one of many dogs used on this journey. Another lead dog being Leonhard Seppala's Togo (right). Lives were saved because of these teams and a statue commemorating these dogs stands in Central Park in New York. This event is what made the breed widely known, and only a few years later, the breed was finally recognized by the AKC.

Words used to describe this dog include tireless, dignified, athletic, agile, friendly, gentle, independent and alert. The Siberian Husky reveals its wolf-like personality in the way that it rarely barks, but does enjoy bouts of communal howling. wrong,backyard breedersdon't care or know the quality of the dogs they are breeding
The Siberian Husky is a working dog that is VERY pack oriented. This is not a dog to be put in the yard on a chain or runner to live its life away from you. If you are going to be bringing a Siberian Husky into your family, you have to give the dog a job. It's highly recommended that these dogs are put through some kind of training. They need mental stimulation! An hours worth of training can drain the dog like he has been running non stop for hours. I have seen this happen in person with my own husky. She can run at the dog park for hours, and yes I had her at the dog park for 6 hours once! But an hours worth of mental work teaching her new commands she is ready to just climb on the couch and take a nap. A tired husky is a happy husky. There are activities you can do with your husky that you can both enjoy as well. Urban mushing, scootering, bikejoring, canicross, hiking, flyball, and agility just to name a few. It

Huskies have bad reputations when it comes to training. They are hard headed and stubborn BUT they are extremely smart. They pick things up very quickly. As long as you stay constant and just as hardheaded as they are you can accomplish a lot with a Siberian Husky. You can reach out to a professional trainer in your area to guide you in the right direction on how to work with your dog as an individual as not all dogs are the same. Siberians can be taught to pull when you are working either in urban mushing or canicross to pull the line tight, as well as to heel and walk nicely on a leash. There are even Siberians used as service dogs! Never doubt the abilities of your dog. If you are determined and willing to stick to a training schedule with your dog you can achieve anything. The picture on the left is a rescue volunteers dog doing a 'touch' command during her advanced obedience training on her way to becoming a service dog.

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Cathy has been the pet columnist for the San Antonio Express-News since 2003. Her entertaining and informative (with an occasional essay on popular current animal issues) provides readers with insights into animal behavior. She offers solutions for the most common animal behavior problems; deals with neighbor-to-neighbor issues concerning animals; provides relationship information to keep pets and people together; and educates readers on humane pet care—hopefully keeping pets from being abandoned on the streets or at the local humane society.

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This is exactly the kind of situation that is just impossible to properly evaluate without seeing it. The thing you say that is of biggest concern is that the dog gets so excited he won't obey. You need to bring that under control. The particular behavior - picking the cat up etc. is a problem mostly because of the lack of control. Some cats honestly don't mind that kind of treatment BUT both the owner and the cat must be able to stop it if they desire. If the dog won't then it is a serious problem. One or another of my dogs has always taken a fancy to one or another of my cats and its not unusual to see the "dog takes cats head in mouth I heard my cat yowling as the DogPlayed roughly and as I'm scolding the dog the cat leaps out and starts play fighting with the dog's tail! But in that situation (1) the dog stopped when told (2) and the cat made the subsequent move to the dog showing that the cat wasn't bothered by the interaction. HOWEVER, the situation you describe could indeed suddenly turn deadly for the cat. Something that starts out as play can turn serious if the dog's prey drive gets switched on by the cat's behavior.

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It sounds to me like the situation with the cats is a symptom of a problem - the dog does not truly respect you and you do not know how to get the dog to obey even when it is on leash. The best chance your dog has for living is if you were to consult with a skilled knowledgeable trainer. However, it seems to me that you are reluctant to take that step. If you are unwilling to work with a professional trainer then your only real choice is to find a new home for the dog. I hope you are successful.

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The clear findings of this survey were that UABs of pets and decreased milk yields from cows occurred about one week before the EQ. Most of the UABs of dogs and cats were observed within one day before the EQ, and the decreased milk yield occurred in Ibaraki Prefecture, 340 km from the EQ’s epicenter.