Beer pong started one Friday night long ago in some fraternity house.

It might seem like a four year vacation, but students are juggling more than beer pong and blogging. Being blasted the night before isn’t the only reason why students sleep in so late. Sometimes they just need to relax and catch up from their grueling week. Sixteen credits for class, two of an un-paid internship and a job at their bookstore just to keep day old pizza on the table, is difficult to balance. College still comes with freedom but it comes with a more responsibility than ever before.

Today beer pong exists as a house hold name at parties.

Pure entertainment and intoxication inspired the creation of beer pong.

The rules of beer pong portray the simplicity of the game.

I remember my father taking me to their physical plant at the bottom of the hill when I was a little boy. They made ice there, huge blocks and he was getting one for a party. They also generated the steam that was used to heat all the buildings in the entire complex.
Years later I was an inspector on site when the hospital was torn down. I was in every single building and I can assure you there were no Satanic altars or even evidence of any. There was graffiti here and there but again none of it Satanic. I must admit that some of the buildings were pretty creepy. The secure wards with their steel bars and gates especially so. There was an extensive tunnel system that conveyed the steam via pipes to all the buildings on the campus. I went through all of them as well. Again no evidence of Satanic activities. Plenty of beer cans though.

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In Valdez, Alaska, a place well known for its intense game of beer pong, there is a common tradition of using quotes from Family Guy and BASEketball to distract the other player.

The rules of beer pong vary between locations and can cause great strife amongst rivaling teams.
After reading this article you may think you have what it takes to become a beer pong champion.

A Discussion About the Rules and History of Beer Pong Game

While these have sparked interest and lasted a long time, none has exceeded the expectations of the wonderful game of beer pong.

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Anyone can view beer pong at any fraternity house on a Friday or Saturday ... requires massive amounts of beer.

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