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First, it was important that the students understand what the writing test score meant and how points were assigned. I started by writing a (what I know, what I want to know, what I learned) on the board, and then asked the students to complete the first part of the chart by filling in what they already knew about the state writing test. They knew the basics, such as, "You need a 3 to pass" or "It's really hard," but other than that, the students didn't have a lot of information. Together we brainstormed many questions to fill in the second part of the K-W-L chart: what they wanted/needed to know in order to pass the test.

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A step-by-step guide to writing a basic essay, along with links to other essay-writing resources.

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The students wrote or typed the final draft and put it in their folder, which contains all of their notes, quick write, completed template, and earlier drafts of the essay. Before they handed in the folders, I had them look over the papers in their folders and write a response to this question: "What are two things you learned about how to be a better writer?" Most of the students wrote about how they finally understood how to organize an essay; many wrote about how they always thought they should just write something and hand it in, but that now they realized how much work they needed to do to produce quality writing. Many of them also expressed confidence that they would be able to pass the writing test.

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In the end, the "writing test monster" was defeated, and my students faced the test with confidence and the tools they needed to be successful. I am proud to report that 17 out of my 18 students passed the writing test that year, and there was great jubilation in the classroom. The one student who didn't pass the test wrote to the state to ask for an explanation of her score. She received a detailed response and with a little more practice she passed the writing test on the next round. I am very proud of all of my students, and I feel honored to have played an important part in their successful graduation from high school. For many of them, these very basic writing skills provided a foundation with which to develop more advanced skills in college, and to ensure future success in their careers.

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It was time to prepare for writing. I gave the students an essay topic: "How to be a Successful Student." First they did a "quick write" on the topic and wrote for five minutes without stopping or lifting their pencil off the paper. The quick write was just to get a lot of ideas on the page and not to worry about spelling, grammar, or mechanics. When they finished the quick write, I asked them to circle some of the points they thought were important and choose their top three. Then I gave them copies of the template we had created, and we began to fill in the information paragraph by paragraph. On the template, paragraph one looked something like this:

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As you see, there are many ways to improve your writing skills and to create a truly expert essay. It might seem hard at first, but the more you try, the more you see how easy the things that caused trouble before come now. Deal with the writers’ block too and everything will be so much better. You need to do those things a couple of times and you’ll master it all.

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The best essay help is the ability to look at yourself and to see what might be the issues for you. Maybe you struggle with the everyday writing part, or with the lexicon problems. You have to know what might be the worst for you to work harder on those things.