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A second sample comes from an 1806 letter Warren Hastings wrote to Reverend Thomas Leigh in which, said Wilkie, Hastings is drafting the potential language of a woman’s tomb. “Cheerful, benevolent and generous, she endeared herself by the simplicity of her manners, which like the playfulness of her mind, enlivened society without ever giving offense, or exciting alarm,” wrote Hastings, a friend of the Austen family and the first governor-general of British India.

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It is an interesting historical workas it includes information such as the cost of her books when firstpublished, details about the publishing process, and thorough histories ofthe multiple printings of Austen's work.

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Jane Austen spin-offs are subjected to huge amounts of criticism, both good and bad. Usually these debates as to their merits, or lack of, take place online or in the media. However, now the universities are getting involved and there’s even been an academic essay written on the subject, analysing whether the “lopping and cropping” of Austen is a good or a bad thing.

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A passage from a letter James Leigh wrote in 1750 to his uncle Theophilus Leigh, master of Balliol college in Oxford and Jane Austen’s great-uncle, sees him tell of the earthquakes which hit London that year. “A general panic seems to have taken possession of all here, particularly the female world, and made us all deaf to everything but our own fears. We have already felt two pretty strong earthquakes at 28 days distance,” wrote Leigh. “On Thursday, three weeks, it is prophesised we shall have another much more violent than the former, in which London is to share the fate of Lima.”

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Sydney Miller, a PhD candidate in English at the University of California, Los Angeles, has published her essay titled “How Not to Improve the Estate: Lopping & Cropping Jane Austen”. The abstract reads thus: